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Plants for indoors


Beautiful indoor plants can completely change your living space by bringing some life, nature into it. If you are interested in getting some indoor plants, you have to get familiar with the level of care and maintenance for every plant you’re interested in. Some indoor plants can be neglected, while others require frequent care and attention. A cactus is a great example of a low-maintenance plant, but if you want to stay engaged in taking care of your indoor garden, let’s talk about the best plants for indoors.

Golden Pothos

If you are inexperienced with growing houseplants, golden pothos is one of the most popular vines. In nature, this particular plant turns into a giant plant with massive green and yellow leaves. As an indoor plant, golden pothos is known for their fast, aggressive growth. It can even root in a simple glass of water, but to make sure that the life of this beautiful plant continues, everything can be achieved with greater care.

Spider plant

A properly grown spider plant is another classic in the world of indoor plants. The trademark arching leaves make this plant very memorable. With proper care and some time, it will form plantlets on long stems, so the plant can develop into a unique, stunning beautiful structure of hanging leaves. Those same plantlets can be repotted instead, creating a new specimen of a spider plant. It does not require some specific maintenance, so an average temperature, lighting and amount of water will be more than enough for this plant to thrive.

Money tree

The money tree is a specific indoor plant that is believed to be originating from China. Thanks to its unique structure, many legends try to explain the simple, yet the bizarre look of this plant. The money tree is a very popular plant in homes and even offices because it requires a very minimal amount of proper care. With ties to the eastern culture, the plant has a huge sentimental value in other cultures. Placing a money tree in offices and other workplaces are considered to be a sign of good fortune. It is a popular gift in work environments and an excellent plant for your home. If you seek further information about this unique indoor plant, check out the Money Tree Care Guide to make sure your money tree stays as beautiful as possible.

Coffee plant

Although it is unrealistic to expect any coffee from an insignificant indoor plant, its beauty and elegance will make it a fine addition to your home. Taking care of a coffee plant is very easy, so getting some medium lighting and making sure the plant gets regular water might result in some nice coffee beans and even a nice coffee cup in the distant future.

When looking for indoor plants, pay attention to the structure of your home, so you can distribute your plants in the most beautiful, elegant way. These indoor plants are great for beginners, trying to understand a world of plants a little better.

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