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Ownage Pranks

Ownage Pranks is a hilarious youtube channel that frequently uploads the funniest prank calls online. Have you ever wanted characters from the show to prank your friends or family members? Well, now you can!

The Ownage prank call app contains over 100 prank scripts which include all the shows characters and many more. These are written and voiced creator Russel Johnson among other professional voice actors, standing out from other similar prank app

Enter the contact you wish to prank and press call. Your chosen pre-recording is then automatically sent to your victim once the phone has been answered. 

Unsuspecting individuals will immediately assume a real person is on the line and will no doubt make for memorable reactions. Not only can you tune in live and listen, but calls are also recorded so you can share afterward. Never has prank calling been more comfortable and safer to pull off.

Crack Your Screen

This app will require you to borrow a friend’s phone for a few minutes to download and pull off the crack screen prank without a hitch. 

Perfect for creating reactions where people go into panic mode, ‘Crack Your Screen’ simulates a real crack on your victim’s screen. 

This Androids app main feature provides three simulated broken screen methods. 

  • Shake Crack: For the phone to simulate the broken screen, shake the phone. Once the shake is recognized, fake cracks will appear. 
  • Touch Crack: If shaking isn’t your preference, you have the touch option, which simulates a cracked screen with only a touch.
  • Timer: A countdown will appear once you have set the time, no phone shake or touch is necessary. 

Scare Your Friends- JOKE!

Is it Halloween yet and want to scare the living daylights out of somebody? Well, it doesn’t have to be, with the Scare Your Friends-JOKE! the app you can scare someone at any time of the year. 

Scare unsuspecting friends and family members with this harmless yet effective app in everyday situations, with its easy to use functions and beautiful UI just about anyone can use it.

To begin, load the app and choose what you believe to be the scariest picture available in the gallery along with a terrifying sound to accompany it. There is a large selection of both so you can experiment by trying specific photos with different sounds, mixing and matching has never been more fun. 

Once you have found your perfect combination schedule the exact time you want the prank to pop up then ask a friend to hold your phone momentarily right before it appears.

After your friend receives the phone and the countdown has finished the scary image with the equally frightening sound will pop up show on the screen.

It’s particularly fun on children and young teenagers but be cautious of what could happen to your phone. Since not everyone reacts to jumpscares, in the same way, you may risk damaging your phone if it is accidentally dropped. 

Taser Prank Stun Gun

This app is an excellent tool for harmless everyday fun when pranking unsuspecting friends. 

With the “Prank Stun Gun” app, trick friends by pretending to have a real taser and shocking them with it, no doubt causing a few jumps scares.

To use the app, hold the phone in your hand as you would with a taser and put it against someone’s body. Consequently, a taser sound and vibration be made from your phone, making it appear even more real.  

Designs are gorgeous and come in a variety of designs, best of all they look like a real taser gun. 

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