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Noida preschools with exceptional programs have a significant positive impact on children’s cognitive, motor, and emotional development as well as serving as an invaluable stepping stone into primary school education.

Teachers at this play school boast an excellent student-teacher ratio and pay close attention to meeting the needs of every child enrolled in their care. Furthermore, they provide a safe environment and food services.

Footprints Preschool and Day Care

Footprints Preschool and Day Care offers children a safe environment in which they can learn, grow, and develop. Their programs include creche, preschool care, and after-school care. The quality that separates this preschool facility from others is their extensive safety program where they allow parents to have access to live CCTV footage of their kids from anywhere.

Footprints Elementary follows a Highscope Curriculum designed to foster curiosity among its students and turn them into lifelong learners. Furthermore, active participation is promoted as a key element of successful education. Footprints believes education can transform lives; hence their mission to change the world through it.

The company’s franchise model provides an easy and low-capital way for educators to launch their own businesses with minimal initial capital investment. Their sales and marketing services cover everything from finding the ideal location to developing effective campaigns; recruiting qualified teachers; recruiting qualified teaching assistants to establish strong brand images. In addition, this business also provides technological tools like live CCTV feed and parent communication portals, which have allowed franchise partners to build stronger relationships with parents while at the same time creating trusting relationships among themselves and with them.

All these things combined make this brand the first choice for parents searching for best preschools in noida


Early preschool education has a profound effect on children’s development. It helps them gain knowledge while having fun while building the basis for formal school education, developing cognitive and motor skills and encouraging socialization with peers. Finding the appropriate pre-school can be daunting for parents but choosing a school that provides safe environments and excellent teachers is absolutely key for their wellbeing.

Noida’s top playschools boast low student-to-teacher ratios and personalized attention for every child enrolled, as well as offering extracurricular activities to foster creativity and learning for their students. Some even employ interactive learning methods for an enjoyable education experience for all!

Kidzee is an established preschool chain, boasting more than 1700 centres throughout India. Their child-focused iLLUME curriculum helps children develop multiple intelligences – linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, kinaesthetic and musical. Plus it is supported by extensive research – perfect for kids aged 1.5-5.55 years! The school offers safe environments with 24/7 guardhouse surveillance.


Noida’s top preschools boast low student-teacher ratios that allow them to provide personalized attention for children. Furthermore, these preschools boast child-friendly infrastructure and play areas as well as strict handwashing policies and encourage healthy diet habits among their student body. Their teachers are highly qualified and dedicated individuals always ready to assist their pupils.

These preschools also foster social skills development and a passion for learning through innovative teaching methods that engage children. Tiny Tots World emphasizes hands-on exploration while Kinderland Academy encourages independence and self-confidence; other popular preschools include Sunshine Kids, Little Explorers, and Rainbow Garden.

Locating the top preschools in Noida is of utmost importance to give your child a sound start on their academic journey. When making your selection, be sure to carefully consider factors like location, curriculum, and fee structure before making a final decision. Also look out for safety precautions like drop-off and pick-up processes which ensure your child’s wellbeing and safety.

Maple Bear

Maple Bear Education Network serves over 59,000 students at 400 schools around the world. All schools follow a fully Canadian curriculum while using local methods and strategies, so their students are equipped to become global citizens with local roots.

Maple bear schools provide an individualized learning system designed to nurture children physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. Teachers employ active teaching techniques suited for each developmental stage and the curriculum is created to reinforce children’s natural sense of curiosity while encouraging academic advancement across reading, language arts, mathematics and science subjects.

Maple Bear faculty consists of highly qualified Canadian educators who craft its specially-designed curriculum and update it on a regular basis. Traveling globally as trainers to assist teachers deliver the program, they also act as quality assurance evaluators. Finally, working closely with school owners, school owners’ groups, local education authorities and regional education authorities ensure compliance. Maple Bear staff strive to ensure all Maple Bear schools meet the highest international standards.



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