Sun. May 26th, 2024
Recruiting is one of the best global secured recruiting and the most featured job platforms which is completely free. We are developing a world-class business website with the latest tech for decades which will ensure the safety and security of your data best.

It is fully dynamic for every client because we’ve integrated smart automation and developed the dynamic AI-tech throughout the suite so that you can build your business as you can use most of the platform. is heavily committed to managing your recruiting or contracting business with ease. So, we can say that jobdesk is the smart recruiting platform in Bangladesh.

We offer exclusive and unique recruiting management features other than another website. Our system is so simple to use packed with powerful tools. You can’t overlook the features that we offer to our clients. Here are a few of them:

  • Powerful Candidate Management refers to managing candidates is super easy now and our powerful handy tools help you to complete your actions within a few clicks instead of spending hours.
  • Readymade Job Layouts that refer to we have included unique job layouts in so that you may post your job faster and represent that exclusively to the job seekers.
  • Automated CV Processing refers we add new candidates easily by just uploading the CV and it will be parsed automatically to your recruiter account for future usage.
  • Hiring New Employees that refers you can find out every job campaign statistical update so that you can make the best decision in case of new appointments.
  • Super-fast Cloud-based System that refers we run world’s quickest cloud server so that you feel the new technology experience by using the app.
  • Access Recruiting Website Anywhere that refers we use the latest technology that’s why it can be usable by low-speed internet or small smartphone without any hustle.
  • Schedule & Automate that refers you can build schedules daily routine by our app for avoiding workload and accordingly our system get you active notification time to time.
  • Active Client Support that refers we have own support team as customer representatives, if you face any critical problem then they concentrated on solving your issue as soon as possible.
  • Unlimited Data that refers we have no limits of user’s data, contacts, tasks, clients, or vacancy post. You can see whenever you want any information on
  • com offers always up-to-date circulars rather than another website at,, etc. Other website keeps job circular on their page which is already recruited but our removes those circulars in a timely basis and updates other information also. We update the user’s CV without pricing and demand a minimum fee at the time of final recruitment.
  • We also have specific sectors as finance, accounting, human resource management so that you can easily find out your department-wise job. We also have a helpline service if any problem occurs they are humbly waiting to solve that.

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