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Recruitment Apps

Trucking companies are often in need of reliable, trustworthy, and highly skilled drivers. Driving a truck is a challenge, and not every driver can skillfully handle a truck no matter how experienced they are in driving normal vehicles.

Truck driving requires passion and understanding of the road and a will to be on the road most of their time. The hours a truck driver spends on the road can be considered hectic for most people.

Companies struggle to find the best drivers in the job market and so using the best recruitment apps is the most viable option.

Truck driving does not only require skill but a commercial driver’s license called CDL. A CDL is only granted to truck drivers who have completed safety competency and truck driving courses in some states. Most companies prefer candidates who have certain certifications, and few of them provide the required training to their drivers.

For companies, it sometimes becomes hard to keep track of all the applications coming in or to find a suitable candidate. The best solution for this overwhelming issue is to use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). There are some apps for recruitment agencies, which they use to find the most appropriate candidate for the job.

Following are some of the best recruitment apps and software for companies who want to look for the best applicants.

  1. A-Suite

A-suite is one of the best applicant recruitment systems in the market. This software provides ease that enables you to recruit applicants even when you are sleeping. This program is ideal for excellent drivers who are not so tech-savvy and fall behind because of it.

Now your trucking company won’t have to go through hundreds of hard copy applications. Everything can be sorted in minutes, and you’ll be able to handle the applications efficiently.

With A-suite, you can prioritize your candidates, manage new leads every day, and keep your system sorted.

  1. Truck Right 

Truck Right is much more than a simple formatting application; it also provides online job listings connected to your webpage. Application documents are tailored to each candidate category, like truckers, dock workers, retail staff, repair shop employees, and office professionals. The program automatically selects top applicants based on your company preferences.

This seamless process not only collects an application but also generates all DOT essential documents. Assessment methods enable the evaluation of applicants to guarantee that only the most competent are hired.

  1. Pinpoint

Pinpoint is a newcomer to the application tracking system market. In many respects, this is a benefit since they could create a system with the most up-to-date best practices for recruitment teams, such as talent pipelines, resourcing skills, and recruitment marketing. These systems enable talent management to reduce their reliance on third-party consultants and develop their own key talent.

  1. Freshteam 

Freshteam’s applicant tracking program is simple to install, has affordable pricing for businesses of all sizes, and is part of a broader HCM package for organizations seeking an HRIS, employee onboarding, and other services.

  1. Teamtailor

Teamtailor distinctively approaches talent management by concentrating on how your company advertises itself to individuals. This implies that recruitment teams can use their program to develop attractive career sites, advertise to particular talent groups via content marketing and talent pools, and use elements like text recruitment, recommendations, nurturing programs, and more.

It offers a lot of sensible functionality that the recruiters would like instead of the check-the-box elements that existing ATSs are so concentrated on.

  1. Recruitee

Recruitee provides a comprehensive applicant tracking system (ATS) designed primarily for businesses with fewer employees who would like to create their brand identities, improve the status of their recruitment and selection component through information, and employ using the functionality you’d anticipate from an efficient applicant tracking system. Their product comes with an 18-day trial version, making it extremely simple, to begin with, the recruitment process.

  1. iApplicants

iApplicants offers recruiting teams an easy-to-use platform for gathering candidates and tracking them throughout the recruiting process. The system enables you to manage automatic job listings to open job websites that have been shown to drive eligible applications.

Job searchers will be able to apply for your positions from the comfort and privacy of their homes using the online software. iApplicants also provides job-specific structured questionnaires to assist you in rapidly sorting through a stream of candidates.

The system also includes embedded background verification software and the collecting of e-signatures for approval of documents.

A modern ATS is an excellent method to simplify your recruiting process by improving sourcing, streamlining workflows, and adding customization features such as career websites, job board distribution, applicant interactions, and so on. In addition, 78 percent of recruiters believe that utilizing an ATS helps them find better prospects faster and more efficiently.


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