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Best Sexologist in India

The problem of the short size of reproductive organ is the most delicate and worried sexual problem that many men in India suffer. Penile disorders include the micro penis, infection, fore-skin diseases, and curvature. Moreover, every issue of penile causes unsatisfactory sex in couples, hence also lowers the confidence of men. Sexologists in India addresses all the sexual disorder in male.

Petty size of prick problems happen to everyone; if they are feeble, then you can ignore them. But if the size matters lot to you, then you must consult a sexologist in India or it will ruin your relationship.

Dr Chirag Bhandari solves all the sexual disorders in men and suggests re-including sexual pleasure in the patient’s life. However, before getting advice from any consultant, you should know some basic things about the average size.

If you expect your size as seen in adult movies that you are misled. In these movies, actors take drugs, causing an extreme erection for some time. But the size of a common Indian male is 4 to 5 inches at the time of erection; if you find less than this, then with the help of some pills and a vacuum pump, you can increase its size by enhancing the blood circulation in the penis.

Take the help of surgery to enlarge the penile organ permanently. It is a very effective method and brings you to the limitless pleasure.

Whom Should you Consult for Penile Enlargement Surgeries?Sexologist In india

Dr. Chirag Bhandari Best Sexologist in India| IASHindia

If the small size destroys your marital relationship, then the only permanent solution is penile enlargement surgery. And now, if you are looking for the best doctor for penis enlargement surgery, Dr. Chirag Bhandari is an experienced penile surgeon and sexologist in India. You can confirm this by various online reviews and Google ratings.

He uses the latest technology and advanced research centers to carry out each treatment successfully. You can connect with Dr Chirag Bhandari through online consultation and physically contact him if you are in Jaipur. Dr Chirag Bhandari is a mainstream sexologist in Jaipur city. He obtained a degree in male reproductive and sexual disorders from the University of London.

How are effective Penile Enlargement Surgeries done?

Low Cost Penis Enlargement Surgery in India by best sexologist in india- IASH Jaipur

First, of course, surgery is a complex procedure that involves several steps to increase the length and girth of the organ. Second, most of the cases are due to cosmetic reasons, for which men in India go through surgery.

Surgery works in many cases and can increase the size by 13 to 14 centimetres, but it may not be the same for everyone.

During surgery, adeps are removed from fat part of the phallus and lodged in its shaft. That’s why the results may not be the same for everyone; as it will depend on the amount of fat in the penile area.

The desire for penile enlargement is common among men, but experts recommend surgery only if one is suffering from a micropenis problem. But if the size is giving hindrance to orgasm, then you can go through the process of surgery.

A 2018 study says that the circumference of the penis increased by 56.7% with the use of the Penuma device. Apart from this, research published in 2019 claims that there is no decrement in the penis performance even one year after surgery.

We can achieve a permanent increase in size through fat transfer. Although some men may not show full effect, so some failures should frustrate not everyone.

Dr. Chirag Bhandari uses state-of-the-art machines for penile enlargement surgery, which increases the success rate.

Penile Enlargement Surgery Cost

Because penile enlargement surgery is a multi-step treatment procedure in which the specialist has to carefully apply the fat amount on the shaft of willie, that’s why it is an expensive treatment option, but it doesn’t cost much to suffer from the problem for life.

Vitreous augmentation surgery can last from 45 minutes to 1 hour with a total cost of Rs 2 lakh to Rs 6 lakh.

The cost of penile implant surgery at Iashindia is 50% less than in the USA and other developed countries. The following factors are included in their penile enlargement package.

  • Anaesthesia cost
  • Medicines cost
  • Fees of surgeon
  • Consultation fees
  • Cost of fillers used in surgery

Best Sexologist In India for Penile Enlargement Surgery

Chirag Bhandari is the most qualified sexologist in India for Penile Enlargement Surgery, he has done training in “Penile Prosthetic Surgery from South Korea and Penile Prosthetic Implantation from Wilson Memorial Training Center. He has treated many men suffering from tested , foreskin and other problems related to reproductive organ of men. Thanks to him! as they are now living satisfactory sex life. Dr. Chirag is providing the treatment in Jaipur with the best success rate through budget-friendly costs.


A small size will deprive your life partner of satisfaction for your whole life. That is why you must become aware and search for the best treatment at the right time. Penile enlargement surgery is the most permanent treatment apart from this, all the treatments either make it possible for some time or fail.

Get a consultation from India Sexologist Dr. Chirag Bhandari to give your partner memorable moments and get rid of penile problems at affordable prices.

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