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In the latest era, mobiles phones are not only used to get in touch with your loved ones. With the passage of time, The VoIP and SIP technologies become more advanced. It makes our communication easier smooth. We want to use it in our daily communication.

There are multiple Voip and SIP apps available on the play store. You can pick according to your requirements. Sometimes, You are not able to go with the right choice. We will share some VoiP and SIP apps for android.

Our reliance on mobile networks is diminishing as technology advances. A data signal may be obtained practically anywhere a mobile signal is available, and most of us choose to utilise Wi-Fi for the majority of the day. Technology has progressed to the point where talking over the internet is virtually as simple as talking over the phone’s mobile network. There is a plethora of online chat and VoIP-based calling apps available. If you’re ready to make the move because of its cost-effectiveness, simplicity, and efficiency, here’s a list of the finest SIP and VoIP call apps on the market.       

Apple consumers previously have access to these functionalities through Facetime, iMessage, and group chat options.


Discord is the best platform for gamers. It will help you to connect with gamers all around the world. You can easily get the servers related to anime, lifestyle, games, fashion and other topics. The App is very good at sound quality. The most important point about the app is that it is free to use. You can also buy it for paying some extra money. It depends on the user.          

Facebook Messenger:

Facebook messenger is another VoIP app, It will help you to connect with dear family, friends. The official messenger of facebook cross over 2 billion users all around the world. The audio and video quality of the Facebook messenger is excellent. Apart from making a call, you can also send Voice notes to your family and friends. You can also share your thoughts. It is completely free to use.

Google Duo

Google duo is another very well known video calling app. You can easily communicate with a dear one. You can install your app when you want to call. This app does not require any kind of resources. The video quality of this app is extremely improved. The app is used free of cost.

Grandstream Wave:

Grandstream Wave is a SIP app that can be used on any Android smartphone to access your business or household SIP account. The SIP account is connected by mobile data or WiFi. The programme is simple to use and has a large number of codecs and security measures. Another advantage of this programme is that it allows you to use up to six SIP accounts. The app is completely free to use and does not require any kinds of restrictions.


MagicApp is a popular VoIP programme that can help you stay in touch with friends and family. Calls are made using the actual phone number in this app. It has the ability to contact landline lines as well as send SMS messages. It also includes unlimited calls to the United States and Canada.

It works excellent for the residents of Canada and the USA. Magicapp is free to use. The Magicapp will cost $9.99 per year.

MizuDroid SIP VoIP Softphone

MizuDroid is a well-known SIP programme that allows you to make use of your existing SIP account. Call diversion, VoIP Tunneling, encryption, IM, Voicemail capabilities, and many other functions are included in the programme. Another advantage of this programme is that it allows you to use numerous accounts. The sole disadvantage of this software is that it has an out-of-date user interface, which is not a good thing. This app is available for free.


Skype is one of the popular app among the small businessman.

The software has millions of users around the world and allows users to make voice, video, and text calls. It also includes the capability for landline calls, although this comes at a premium. The app’s in the general friendly user interface. You can use it without any trouble. The company regularly updates to improve the performance better of the app

Signal Private Messenger

For individuals who are concerned about their privacy, Signal Private Messenger is the greatest VoIP app. The software includes a wide range of security, encryption, and privacy features that ensure your online privacy is protected. Furthermore, this app’s call quality is rather outstanding, and you may have faultless discussions with your friends or loved ones. The app is totally free to use and does not apply any restrictions.


Viber is another popular messaging app that not only allows you to talk but also allows you to make video and voice calls. You can also conduct public chats, add stickers, attach files, and do other things with the app. Furthermore, Viber’s call quality is excellent, and you will not experience any dropped calls. You can freely use this app.

Zoiper IAX SIP VoIP Softphone

Another interesting software that concentrates on phone call functionality is Zoiper. The nicest part about this programme is that it can deliver good call quality even if your internet connection is slow. It also supports IAX, SIP, Internet telephony, and a variety of other protocols. You can try the Zoiper if you’re seeking a superb audio call app.  The app is free to use. If you want to purchase it, it is also available.

WhatsApp (Bonus)

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used VoIP call programmes on the market. The platform has about 1.5 billion active users worldwide, and this figure is continually increasing. This app allows you to chat, video call, and make phone calls. You can also share photos with others. The voice quality of WhatsApp is good. The user feels the best experience with the app. You can use it free of cost without any hidden strings.


These are the best VoiP and SIP apps used for android. Most apps, that are available in the play store are free to use. You can use it without any restrictions.  You can easily make calls, call transfers, send texts to each other and make video conferences with each other. The VoIP Phone system is used for small and large businesses. People can use these apps on android and desk phones.

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