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Black Friday

Black Friday and 2020 Cyber Monday Sales are everywhere. The biggest shopping day is going to happen on 27th November 2020. We can expect that the 2020 black Friday sales will break all previous records. Thanks to the internet, many retailers and manufacturing companies are announcing their black Friday deals online. The customers are welcomed to visit their favourite brand Black Friday store online and grab the special offers and discounts.

Cyclists can make the most of the black Friday deals 2020. If you have been waiting to upgrade your cycle, this is the right time to shop for the accessories. Have a peek below at some of the important but basic parts of bicycles that you can buy at discounts from black Friday deals.


Brake and Gear Cables

Brakes and cables are one of the most basic but often overlooked bike components that need regular upgrades. Due to regular use, the brake cables worn out that results in lower efficiency and performance. So if you want to upgrade your bike, find amazing deals on bike accessories at Bikeinn stores and grab the highest Black Friday best discounts.



Bicycle saddle should be comfortable as it will determine riding time and can make a huge impact on your experience. No matter how well you have upgraded your bike, if the saddle is not according to your need, it is useless. The more comfortable the saddle will, the more time you will enjoy riding the bike.

If you feel that you get soreness or fatigue after a ride, make sure to check out your cycle’s saddle. You can try different saddles and choose the one that gives you the best fit. You will find a huge range of paddles that offer different padding such as gel and foam. So, do some homework on the kind of saddle you want to buy and pick the one that suits your needs. 

Enjoy 15% discount on Fabric Tri Flat Elite Saddle from black Friday deals. You can also check Fabric Scoop Flat Race and Fabric Scoop Elite saddle and avail 52% off. In addition, Selle Royal Avana is also a high quality saddle that you can buy from black Friday deals and save 15% off. 


Bike Light

Bike lights are an important accessory that you should not overlook at any cost. For a safe and sound riding experience, your bike must have front and rear light. As cyclists, you probably need to ride for many hours, so in night times you should have bike lights that can be used for safety purposes. 

Sigma Sportster USB and Sigma Cubic are good-quality bike lights that you can buy from black Friday deals and enjoy 33% discount. Fabric Lumacell USB Front is a useful bike light accessory that you can buy at 49% discount from our stores.



Black Friday deals are fruitful for everyone. If you are an avid cyclist, you can find a whole variety of cycling equipment, kits, tools and accessories at our stores. Be the first to avail Best Black Friday online deals and offers now!

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