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The best tiles paint give you another chance to replace your old tiles into new ones  they refresh your washrooms tiles or a kitchen tiles.

Your kitchen tiles ,washroom tiles are too  old and yellowish and you want to replace them ,if your are looking good tile  paint and even after  a lot of struggle you still do not understand which paint is  good or which is not and which you should use for your tiles so you don’t have to worry about it

If different questions are arises in your mind like that how I can covers over tiles cheaply. Here  In this platform i   give you the clever ideas to covers your old tiles or new buy.

Here  beneath ,We introduce you to some unique and cheap tiles paint which of course made the sensation video overnight sensation


Following are the best tiles paints are available in the market with cheap price and highly recommended which also available in online market place easy to purchase.

  1. Black friar BLFBTMR500
  2. Ronseal one coat paint
  3. Deluxe tile paints
  4. The one paints
  5. Rust-Oleum universal paint
  6. Johnstone’s Revive tile paints



 Painting Kitchen Tiles Let us first imagine the black monastery that transforms your tiles into attractive modern and unique tiles. This makes the tiles look brighter than before. You can paint its ideal for kitchen tiles, ceilings, workshop, roof tile and even on the shades  tiles. Its provide you tough self cleaning weather resistance finish. It gives you the duration of this tile color is about 2 to four hours. Two layers offer you the best result and the best protection. If you want a double layer, coat it after 16 hours.

You can find these paintscolors in two different sizes on the market 50 ml liters and 500 ml liters.


You can use this paint with a brush spray or a roller. If you want to achieve the best result, we recommend that you apply it with a brush.


With one liter you have a coverage of 14 m2. The specification density is gl / cm3 1.2 8 to 1.29. The dilution is a maximum of 5% test gasoline. Do not use in damp and humid condition


Product information


manufacture toolbank
Part number BKFBTMR500
Product dimenshion 9 x 9 x 10 cm; 750 Grams
Colour red
Material Tile paint
Product volume 0.5 litres
 Components 1 x BKFBTMR500
 Weight  750g




Renoseal one coat

If you want to sell your home and the tiles in your home are too old and you want to replace them, or if you are going to change something


You want to change the color of the old tile. You should use Renoseal single coat paint. It is available in 13 different colors, Usage Dry time, Coat time, Colors    Cobalt Grey, Black, Lime Green, Ivory, Brilliant White, Granite Grey, Magnolia, Mocha Brown, White Lace, Sandstone, Red Roseand is highly recommended at a low price.Single-coat tile paints revive.


Using tiles in the kitchen or bathroom, you can use it in the areas around sinks and bath tiles this paint could not be used on floor tiles. The paint is waterproof. You can also use it on old tiles. This will change the color of your tile to the new one. One coat of paint is enough to enhance your tiles.

You can apply to tiles with a brush because it does not leave marks on the tiles.


AboutProduct information


Usage For kitchen tiles, workshop tiles and walls tiles. Do not use on floor tiles
Usage Dry time Usage Dry time
Coat time 24 hour
colors Usage Dry time   Usage Dry time  Coat time      Coat time      Colors    Cobalt Grey, Black, Lime Green, Ivory, Brilliant White, Granite Grey, Magnolia, Mocha Brown, White Lace, Sandstone, Red Rose


Colour Satin White
Is waterproof TRUE
Container type Tin
Paint Type Watercolour



John stone tile paint


In 1992 john stone introduce the best paints in the market that are still available in the market and highly recommended  by using different colors of this paints .you can use the beauty of yours  homes and workshops and its refresh your loving areas.


Its provide to quick and easy way to convert in ceramic tiles. If you use this paint in your washroom or in kitchen tiles you can completely change the look of your washrooms or kitchens.


We don’t need to use premiers or undercoats separately in it .This will allow you to renew your home tiles quickly and in less time its one water base  formula coat is enough to paint.


This paint is available in markets with three beautiful colors

  1. White
  2. Pale gray
  3. Antique cream


Which make your tiles more beautiful an attractive .Its durable for kitchen or washroom tiles. You can use this paint on tiles with brush, roller or paint spray.Low odor its coverage is 12 square per liter .Its dry time is 2 hour after 16 hours its ready to recoat.


About Product information




Architectural Coatings ppg
Colour Sky blue
volume 0.75 l




Rustin’s bricks and tile paint

It is high quality you can use this mat red paint for all interior tiles Its look great on washroom tiles and kitchen tiles .this product well worth the money  but  it is expensive than others  and its lovely rich colors which is thick mixture but   fast to dry .

Its red oxide pigment to give a good opacity or exterior durability. It’s making sure all the surface area covered to apply this paint on tiles with the help of brush or roller if you want best result we recommended you to apply by large brush.



It’s one coat is sufficient for better result its drying time is almost 30 minute but also depending on the temperature and humidity in your area. Applyideallybetween15 to 25 0C can also recoat after 4 hour. Its coverage about 14m2perliter


About Product  information


Manufacturer by Rustin’s
Part Number BRITW1000
Product Dimensions 11.4 x 12.19 x 11.2 cm; 1.46 Kilograms
Item  model number BRITW1000
Paint Type Acrylic
Color Red
Volume  1 Liter


Item weight 1.46 kg
Container type Tin




Universal All Surface Paint

This paint is advanced brush apply paint and recommended paint its one of best advantage is that if we apply this paint on tiles and some of it survived and the biggest advantage is that if we buy this paint for a specific item,if it survives,it will not be lost to us.we can use it on any of our needs.

  • Shake well before using.1 -2 coat of product with a suitable for apply by brush or roller
  • .

Universal All Surface Paint is an advanced brush-applied paint and primer in one, designed for direct application to many surfaces. Can be applied directly to wood, metal, plastics, ceramics and more. For porous surfaces dilute first to use either 10% coat white spirit

  • Its coverage it’s up to 9m2/litre.coverage also depend on the method, and porosity of surface.Its Durable for interior and exterior use


Its touch dry timing is 2 hour. If it necessary to apply second coat after 16 hours.

Coverage – Up to 9m2/litre. Coverage may vary depending upon method and rate of application and porosity of surface.

You may avoid to use in damp conditions or if temperature is below 10oC

manufacture Rust  – oelum
Product dimension 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm; 579.99 Gram
Size 250 ml
colour Gloss white
volume 0.25 litres
Item weight 580 g



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