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In recent times it seems as if the world has gone online poker crazy, and we can understand its reason!


Poker is one of the best games to spend your free time. It is fun, it is exciting and in addition it is rewarding. It doesn’t matter whether you play poker online at free of cost, or if there is cash involved, the game is still exceptionally enjoyable and it is sure to bring out your competitive side.



In India now online poker is becoming the most popular pastime activities. Because modern days people want thrill, adventure, mind refreshing skill game, and if you need all of those then poker is the only option for that. No any other skill game can gives you that much thrill as poker. In Indian society till today poker is recognized as a gambling game, but it’s not the truth, poker is absolute skill game. Even many of well-known world politicians, players are use to with playing poker to improve their brainpower. But the popularity of online poker is increasing, today the value of total online poker gaming industry in India is near about USD150 Million, and the number is going up.


There are so many popular famous online poker sites available in India, like Adda52, PokerBaazi, SpartanPoker, and many more, but the newest, strongest and the most trusted one in this list is PokerLion. developed and managed by a Kolkata based game development company, named Ability Games Pvt. Ltd.. PokerLion launched by Bollywood actor Rajeev Khandelwal in the last February. Navneet Makharia, an Indian game entrepreneur and Managing Director of PokerLion says that the main aim of PokerLion is introducing the poker game to more Indian players, and makes the game more popular.


PokerLion is unique from market available other online poker gaming sites because of their easy gaming insights, user-friendly dashboard, excellent 24*7 Customer support team, huge tournament selection options for free poker games as well as real money poker games also. They have welcome bonuses for new registered players; and many more offer and prize pools. Now PokerLion is also available in android version APP, you can download it from the site.


While playing poker game online, the one variable that can influence the game is the time of your play. But exactly when is the best time to play poker? Well, let’s take a look, shall we? Here’s a look at some of the best moments to play poker online.



Early morning – When it comes to online poker games, at times all you want is a decent and steady game where you can lighten up, play at your own pace, without having to deal with lots of players at one go. If you’re looking for a gentle game and, imagine, three or four other players maybe, then early morning is perfect. By this, we don’t mean the early hours of the morning which numerous would think the middle of the night; we’re talking 7 – 10 am.



Here you will likely come across the devoted late night poker players from the night before, plus other people in a similar state to yourself, who are just searching to enjoy a game of poker with no real stress. Whether you’re looking to kill some time before work, or just begin your day right with a triumph on the online poker tables, early morning sessions can be helpful, so long as you’re not searching for large groups of players and spirited games.



After office – This is normally after of office hours, ranging 5pm – 7pm. Here t\you will get the chance to play against people who have normally completed their office work, got settled and have thought to switch on their phones, laptops or tablets and enjoy a few games of poker as they take time to relax. In this time slot, you will meet loads of poker players, though few of them will be regarded as grinders. A poker grinder is a player who participates in low risk games of poker. But, a few people refer to professional poker players as grinders too. In either case, at this time of day you’ll bump into fewer grinders than afterwards in the day.



Evening – Evening times are normally between 7pm and 11pm, and it is during these hours that you’ll run into the most poker online players, and the most competitive of games. You see, at this time of night, pretty much everyone is settled. They’re home from work, they are done with their regular schedule, they’ve been to the gym, they’ve washed up, eaten and have settled for the night to relax. In this mood, people frequently find themselves enjoying a few games of online poker in the ease of their home.



Whenever you feel like it – At last, when it comes to online poker games, one of the most excellent things about them is the reality that you are guaranteed a game at whatever time you play. No matter what time you play, there will almost surely be somebody somewhere else who wants to play. So, whether it’s 1am, 5pm, 10pm, or any other time for that matter, if you feel like a game of poker, you can play the game online.



Hence, good luck at the tables! 

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