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The concept of a successful soccer team is defined as a number of individuals with different backgrounds in skill and characteristics, they are chosen based on their efforts and skills to perform a specific and known task.


The most prominent characteristics of a successful soccer team are:

1- They have a common goal. ((A cup, a role, or a specific league center)) I mean, you must have a specific goal in your head

2-. They all feel they belong to the team. ((I mean, what is your bias towards another team))

3- There are mutual relations between them, love and affection.

4- They share agreed values ​​and principles to regulate the behaviour and actions of the team while performing the task.


Team responsibilities:

1-. Perform the task assigned to them. ((What is required of them to attend training and give in the stadium and their respect for their colleagues … etc.))

2- Solve team problems and create solutions for them. ((There must be problems and setbacks in the team. But they must be solved))

3- Training ((it is important for the player to train him and prepare him for a fitness to take a bid from him on the field))


The official responsibility rests with the commander in the field

According to the rules of the game, the captain is entitled to participate in the draw and choose the goal before the match starts and before the penalty shootout.

Contrary to what is sometimes said, captains do not have special authority under statutes to challenge the ruling. However, the referee will – sometimes – direct his words to the captain to warn about the team’s overall behaviour.


Team Leader Skills: ((Each team has a captain on the field))

1 – The ability to solve conflicts inside the stadium.

2- The power to make decisions with his teammates on and off the stadium.

3- Good dealings with his colleagues on and off the stadium.

4- The ability to motivate the team outside the stadium and motivate them to win.

5- The captain may participate with the coach in choosing the starting lineup for the team.

6- Accepting the other opinion.

7- The captain is generally a support point for the team in case the team’s morale is low, the captain is the one who will look to him to boost the team’s morale


Team member skills:

1- Possessing the skill of teamwork within the team.

2- Good dealing with the other team ((competitor))

3- The ability to think positively within the match (by changing positions between the wings or the middle).

4- The ability to achieve.

5- Preserving time inside the match. Time is important in the match.

6- Teamwork.

7- Accept the other opinion.


Qualities of a successful team:

1- To work for a common and clear goal.

2- The final results of the team are attributable to everyone.

3- Each member complements the other and does not repeat it.

4- The main motivation for the team is a success.

5- The free flow of information within the team.

6- Existence of adult leadership that hears and understands, directs and guides, consults and implements.


Obstacles to working with the team:

1- Failure to deal with players

2- Conflict on or off the field or training

3- Clear individual differences between team members.

4- The team’s tasks are not precisely defined.

5- Lack of willingness for some to work in a team spirit.

6- Dependence of some members on the achievements of others, which makes work on some team members, not everyone.


The skill of listening to the coach or mentor:

One of the most important advantages of a successful team is the ability to listen and listen is a skill that everyone can develop whenever they want and to develop a skill. 먹튀검증

Listening. Rules for that including:

The first rule: looking at the person talking to you (the coach) – the goal is not to take your eyes off him.

The second rule: Encouraging questions from the players.

Third rule: not to interrupt the coach

Fourth rule: If you have to boycott, do not change the subject.

The fifth rule: listen without emotion.

The sixth rule: to be responsive and listener.

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