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trimmer boats of a long battery life, durability and smoothness of shave. You can get salon-quality trim with this trimmer. It is cordless; so you don’t need to plug it in and use.

Is it easy to use?

Yes it is easy to use. Since, it is a cordless trimmer, you don’t need to plug it in for use. It operates with batteries and can preserve charge for about 45 minutes of use. However, it takes about 10 hours to get fully charged. Leave it on charge, overnight and use it in the morning.
Does it offer smooth cut?

It has rounded tips which help in smooth trimming without harming your skin. It also has .10 length lock-in settings with 1mm precision. Owing to this, you can achieve very close trim, just stopping short of shaving without harming your skin. Length setting and locking is easy since it lets you select as small as 0.5 mm in length and upto 10mm and also lock it. So it offers smooth cut. Moreover, it boasts of stainless steel blades which offer smooth cutting or trimming.

Is it a robust device?
This Philips trimmer incorporates DuraPower technology. This is a technology which protects the motor from overloading and the battery from discharging rapidly. Since beard trimmers work by one blade grinding over the other, there is a chance of it putting pressure on the battery and the motor. However, the DuraPower technology prevents overloading of the motor and the battery. So the device is robust enough.
How much time does it take to charge?
It takes about 10 hours to fully charge this trimmer. After a full charge, you can use it continuously for 45 minutes.

Is it easy to clean?

Ease of cleaning is important and the Philips trimmer QT4001/15 is easy to clean since it has a detachable head.
Does it offer any Warranty?
Warranty offer piece of mind, and you can rest assured that the product carries a 2 years warranty.

Is it safe to use?
The stainless steel blades have rounded edges which render them safe for trimming. There is no risk of cutting, bruising or injury.
Is there any special feature?
There is a charge indicator to indicate charging status so that you know when charging is complete.
Is it waterproof?
Being waterproof does have its own benefits. Yes, the Philips trimmer QT4001/15 is completely washable, and you can take it to shower

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