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These days colouring the hair has become a common fashion trend. Many people try some new colours on their strands. Some like it light and some like it vibrant.

Before buying colours one needs to check the quality of the hair colour. It has to be ammonia free because that is the best for hair. One can also go for burgundy hair dye for natural hair but it is even better if one selects a colour according to their body complexion.

One should know a certain things before they go for a hair dye and the primary thing it that one should buy hair colour amount depending on the length or the thickness of the hair. If it is long enough and thick enough then one might be needing more than a box of colour. This is also because long hair tends to absorb more colours.

Also, the type of the hair does make a difference in the timing of the process of colouring. Also it depends a lot on the hair texture. Coarse hair type takes more time to absorb the colour while if the hair is fine then it takes less time to absorb the same amount of colour. Also if the hair is permed or dried then it can absorb the colour fast.

It is better to cut the hair and remove all the split ends before you colour your hair so that it can show the full effect of it on your hair. If one is using a permanent hair colour then it lasts till the hair grows long enough. If one uses semi permanent colour then it mostly lasts through 8 to 12 shampoo washed and if one goes for permanent hair colours then it can last till 28 shampoo washes. But one always need to go for a stand test before they colour their hair.

One should not go for shampooing their hair just immediately after colouring the hair. This will remove the natural oils that are protecting the scalp during the time of colouring. It is a good idea to shampoo at least a day before one goes for colouring.

One can also customise their hair colour shades if they think that will look better on them. When mixing shades then they should definitely mix a dark and a light shade together, also when mixing one needs to use the same brand of hair colours. After the colouring is done, and it is well absorbed then one needs to use the conditioner provided in the colour box. This will help the hair to get softened after colouring.

When one is colouring their hair, they needs to colour it right from the root to the tip. Permanent colour lasts at least 6 weeks but for that one has to colour the hair by following all the instructions mentioned in the colour box.

One can buy burgundy natural hair colour online or from any stores or salons which deals with natural hair colours. They are less harsh on hair.

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