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If you are looking for a great Turkish drama series that is quickly becoming very popular on Netflix, there are three that you should definitely watch. They are: Ayyub Azel, Isolde, and Bekik Ateş. Each one of these dramas have very loyal Turkish fans that love them to the point that they rate their favorite Turkish dramas as some of their favorites on Netflix. If you are not a fan of Turkish drama, you really need to check these out.

Best Turkish Drama Series that become very popular on Netflix 2020

Ayyub Akel is a series based on the life of a young woman who was married off in her younger years by her father to an Islamic bride. The wedding was arranged by her father, and her parents never approved of her marriage because she was still a virgin when they got married. She always longed to be a real lady like herself and to enjoy her own life while still being part of the Turkish culture, so she went to live in Europe for a short time before trying to get away again. She met and fell in love with a Frenchman, Jo-aquim, and traveled with him to France where he became her husband.

It has been said that this drama series is the best type of Turkish drama you can get on Netflix due to its amazing plot and acting. The story takes place in the period right after the attempted military coup in Turkey when people were scared that the country might experience a bloody revolution. As the Coup failed, people took to the streets in anger over the failed attempts by the military and the government. This resulted in hundreds of deaths. It was at this point that the powers that be decided to purify the land to prevent any future terrorist attacks, which is why thousands of people were executed.

The first part of this exciting series is centered around the rise of the “New Turkish Republic” as it is called after the Coup. The series follows the life of the new President, Mehmet Emini, who is also the father of one of the victims of the Coup. It shows the turmoil that takes place as the country becomes divided between the old regime and the new government. There are also two warring parties that rise against each other and the entire region gets really vicious. The series also shows how the people play a major role in all of this chaos and how politics plays a crucial role.

The second part of the best Turkish drama series that becomes very popular on Netflix is called “The Sultan.” This drama series tells the story of how the sultans governed the Muslim world for hundreds of years and then were driven out from their territories. The series is based on the true story of the sultan. This is actually the first part of a four-part series and we have yet to see the second installment.

The last but not least is “The Returned.” This drama series was created by Murat Kaya and was produced in Turkey. It tells the story of a woman who returns to Istanbul at the time of the Cumulcidal War after having been away for five years. After finding out that her brother has betrayed her, she is faced with trying to bring together her different pasts in order to move forward. It is a captivating and emotional to watch as it slowly reveals the secrets of her past family’s history.

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