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Upholstery cleaning service providers are many in Sydney, Australia, but only a few of them can match Couch Master, your number-1 upholstery cleaning specialists in Sydney. Restore the fantastic looks of your couch, sofa, lounge and other household properties by choosing reliable janitors in Sydney such as Couch Master Cleaning Services.

Our eco-friendly cleaning services make us a trusted brand that attends to Sydney dwellers’ commercial and residential cleaning needs. Couch Master’s well-trained fabric cleaning technicians are ever ready to spruce up your office or home if you book us right away.

Why Choose Us

We offer comprehensive cleaning solutions to perfect your upholstery and furniture. For example, we can steam-clean your couch instantly and professionally. Couch Master is the best upholstery cleaning services Sydney has to offer. Our happy customers have endorsed Coach Master to lead the market, thanks to our relentless cleaning services. With hard-working and passionate technicians at your disposal, you can trust Couch Master janitors to provide you with high-quality services at a reasonable price.

Thousands of Sydney customers choose Couch Master every time because we prioritise value for money. We achieve this through:

upholstery cleaning services Sydney

Quick Service

Book Couch Master online on any day of your choice, and we shall be at your residence within the shortest possible time.

Experienced Cleaners

Our strong team boasts decades of experience in cleaning Sydney properties. Why look farther when an experienced cleaning company is just around your corner?

Leading Equipment

We use the highest quality cleaning products and equipment to achieve desirable results.

The Services We Offer

You can count on Coach Master for the following kinds of cleaning services and even more.

  • Dirt and dust removal
  • Stain and odour removal
  • Cushion cleaning services
  • Couch and sofa sanitisation
  • Leather upholstery protection

Why You Need To Clean Your Upholstery

Upholstery adds beauty to your home and simplifies your home décor, but on the other hand, they can be expensive to acquire. With time, dirt may settle on your upholstery and start ruining its attractive appearance, which means hiring professional upholstery cleaners like Couch Master cannot be a bad investment.

The build-up of dirt on your upholstery often leads to mould growth, and the obnoxious smell from dirty sofas will decrease your comfort at home. Couch Master has effectively combated the threats of mould and odour in Sydney homes for the past decades. As the Coronavirus pandemic rages further, living in a clean house can significantly lower your infection risks.

Book us today and benefit from the top-notch upholstery cleaning services Sydney has available. It doesn’t matter how dirty your stuff may look – it takes the Couch Master team’s knowledge and professionalism to get the job done to your satisfaction.

Our same day sofa and couch cleaning services can transform your entire property in split seconds. Dirty upholstery is a haven for germs, and these germs may threaten your family’s health and wellness. There are no two ways about it – Couch Master is the best upholstery cleaning company in Sydney, Australia.


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