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Slow Carb Diet is where you can lose weight easily by eating healthy and tasty food. The plus point is that even vegans can also do a slow carb diet. Slow Carb diet has a menu for vegans also. In Slow-carb, you have to just concentrate on eating ample proteins and lots and lots of green vegetables. One thing which is very important that you should follow is to stop eating any type of sugar. You should not even eat the fruits coz fruits also have some natural sugar in it. Sugar slows down the process of losing weight. These are some points to remember.

  • You must eat proteins in every meal and make sure you eat food with as much protein as you can. 
  • Water is very important to us. Here is a slow-carb diet you have to drink water more than you regularly drink water.
  • The best thing about the slow carb diet is that you can eat anything you want but once in a week. This day is known as a cheat day. You can eat anything and as much you can without any worry. 
  • Grains are not allowed at all. 
  • Starch food items are not allowed
  • Sugar is strictly not allowed to consume
  • You have to even avoid fruits consumption.
  • Black coffee or a glass of wine can be consumed once in a while.
  • Any kind of Fruit juice, vegetable juice, milk or almond milk has to be avoided.
  • Eat all food that is allowed till your stomach is full no need to starve. 
  • No dairy products allowed.


Vegan slow carb diet

Protein should be the most important thing in your food. Vegetables and Beans are high in protein so vegans can replace meat food items with vegetables and beans. Let us now read about the food items that vegan can eat.

  • Tofu

Tofu allowed on a slow-carb diet. Tofu is made of simple soybeans and beans. Soya beans and beans have high protein in it. Unprocessed or minimal processed food should be consumed in a slow carb diet. You can eat hemp tofu in place of just tofu. 

  • Edamame 

Edamame can also be included in your meals once in a while. It is high in protein. It simply adds taste to your food by adding some of it to your salad.  Allowed keep eye on the ingredients that you eat so that you don’t consume something wrong. 

Become a slow eater. And always eat in a small portion. You can eat as many times you want just eat a small portion at a time. The limitation of food products is very less so repeat what you eat with a twist every time. The food items decreases as the category of people, like most options, are available for non-veg people, then some options are cut off for only veg people and the least options are left for vegans. Just eat beans as much as you can, include it in breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Always drink some warm water as you get up. Have beans, salad, spinach or salsa for your breakfast. Lunchtime and dinner time eat beans, salad tofu, give your own taste to it. Make your own recipes. It’s very easy to lose weight just keep a track that you only eat what is allowed to eat in the Slow Carb Diet.


Follow the 3 main rules of a slow-carb diet. Keep drinking water. Eat ample of protein-rich foods. Don’t consume anything that has sugar in it (any kind of sugar).

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