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Braided wigs are getting more popular each day and there is no one to stop that. Women all over the world are now switching to wigs instead of spending hours in the salon since wearing a wig means no torture to your natural hair whatsoever.

That said, choosing a perfect braided lace wigs can get a little bit daunting for people who are doing it for the first time. Leave your worry behind as we are going to guide you through the best way to choose braided wigs.

  1. Braiding style

This is the first and most important one. Before you go all the way to choosing a braided wig, you must be familiar with what kind of braid you fancy wearing. There are a lot of braiding styles that can easily be mimicked with a good piece of a wig. Braiding styles such as Box Braids, French Braid, Braided Ponytail, Dutch Braid, Crochet Braids,  Lemonade Braids, Braided Buns, Cornrow Braids, Mohawk Braid, etc, are some of the most popular and tending braiding styles right now. Before you buy your wig, make sure what kind of braiding style you want.

  1. Materials

Most braided wigs are made of high-quality synthetic fiber. Human hair braided wigs are also available, but they might cost you more. Depending on your budget and the purpose of your, you can easily determine what kind of wig you need. Make sure the materials of your wig is non-frameable otherwise it may cause an unwanted situation.

  1. Cap Style

Cap style is pretty important considering the role it plays in mimicking a natural look. Lace front wig caps are the most popular choice in terms of blending your wig seamlessly with your natural hair and skin. The best way to choose a good wig is to know about this kind of little stuff. Other styles like Monofilament caps, hand-tied caps, etc, are also worth considering depending on your purpose of use.

  1. Cap Measurement

People who are blessed with a regular size head do not have to worry about the cap measurement of a wig. But things can get a little bit complicated with people who have relatively petite or larger heads. This is why Cape measurement is pretty important before choosing a braided wig. The measurement that you need to look at are, Around the Head measurements, Crown of the Head measurements, and Ear to Ear measurements.

  1. The shape of your face

The braiding style you choose depends a lot on the face shape you have. Not all face shapes would suit all the braiding styles. For instance, people with an oval face shape should avoid bangs whereas people with a round shape face can choose any hairstyle or braiding style they want since they all fit their face construction. Make sure you are familiar with these kinds of tiny details before choosing a wig.

Thanks for reading this article about the best way to choose a braided wig. We believe the information and guidelines we have provided would help your decision on the best fitting wig for you. Remember one thing, the real beauty comes out when you are happy with your look. Be happy and enjoy your wig.



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