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YouTube is the all-in-one platform for users, providing entertainment, information, and much more. It is a platform where you will find most of your audience. Embedding it on your WordPress website will help you hold on to the viewer’s attention and engage them with your content. WordPress is the best and most easy-to-use website building platform. So embedding YouTube widgets on your WordPress is very easy and effective.

If you are unfamiliar with the process of embedding a YouTube widget on a WordPress website, refer to this blog. Let’s learn how to embed the YouTube widget on WordPress website in quick steps.

How to Embed YouTube Widget to Your WordPress Website Using Social Media Aggregator?

We have divided the steps of this process into five parts, as discussed below.

Step 1 Create Social Wall for YouTube Widget

  1. Select the YouTube videos you want to add to your website. 
  2. Now you have to aggregate YouTube videos into a social wall. For this, you need to select a widget tool. The tools offer various plans. So you can either select a free or paid plan and create your account.
  3. Create a Social feed and select YouTube as the source of aggregating videos.
  4. Select the option how you want to collect videos from YouTube. Some common options are playlist, channel, keywords, etc.
  5. Create the feed. The tool will prepare a social wall for all your requirements.

Step 2 Moderate and Customize your YouTube Widget

  1. Some YouTube widget tools give you the option to moderate and customize the feed. If your tool gives you these options, use them. You can add custom backgrounds, banners, and themes to your widget. Edit the font style as well. These features will help you make the YouTube widget match the appearance of your WordPress website.
  2. If you want to filter the videos from your widget, then use the moderation features. Delete the videos you don’t want to display on your website. You can also add custom posts to show specific videos. Some tools also give options to highlight and pin the videos. If you have any specific video you want your website visitors to see, you can pin or highlight it. You can also add filters, so the updated feed only has your preferred content.

Step 3 Publish the YouTube Widget

  1. Press the publish button when you are done with customization and moderation.
  2. Select WordPress as your website-building platform. 
  3. Resize the YouTube widget as per your requirements.
  4. Click on generate code and copy the HTML code. 

Step 4 Embed the YouTube Widget on WordPress

You can embed the YouTube widget on the WordPress website by two methods. The first method is followed if you are using the classic editor of WordPress and the second method is for people using WordPress 5.0.

Embed YouTube widget on WordPress classic editor

  1. Open the backend of your WordPress website page or post where you want to embed your YouTube widget.
  2. In the content editor space, select the Text option.
  3. Paste the embed code and save the changes.

Embed YouTube Widget on WordPress 5.0

  1. Open the web page or post in the backend.
  2. Click on the Add block icon. 
  3. Select the Custom HTML option. 
  4. Paste the embed code.
  5. Update or publish the post to save the changes. 

After saving the changes, your YouTube widget will appear on your website.

Step 5 Analyze the YouTube Widget

Some of the widget tools have the analytics feature, which you can use to assess how the website visitors are engaging with your YouTube widget.

  1. Go to the widget tool.
  2. Open the social wall which you embedded on your WordPress website.
  3. See the analytics.

How to Embed YouTube Videos to Your WordPress Website Manually?

Besides using a YouTube widget tool to add YouTube videos to your website, you can also do it manually. Although, it is a very extensive process. The widget tool can automatically update the YouTube feed. But in the manual method, you have to add and remove every single video manually.

  1. Get the URL of the video you want to embed.
  2. Paste the URL on the WordPress editor.
  3. Save the changes, and the video will embed on the WordPress website.

Final Thoughts

These were all the methods to embed a YouTube widget into your WordPress website. When you sit down to embed the widget, keep this blog opened on a side tab; it will help you follow the correct process.

Adding a simple YouTube widget to your website will boost audience engagement. YouTube widgets are also a powerful tool to enhance your website content. It brings uniqueness to your content. Adding a YouTube widget is also beneficial from the SEO perspective as it helps in ranking the page higher on SERPs.

Embed a YouTube widget to your website and leverage all these benefits. You may not realize right now, but your audience could be waiting to see the YouTube content on your website. It is the solution to many of your marketing issues.

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