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Best Ways to Encourage Students to Learn Independently <![CDATA[Best Ways to Encourage Students to Learn Independently]]>

Best Ways to Encourage Students to Learn Independently Independent learning is one of the most important abilities that can be taught to new generations. It is like approaching towards personalization and ownership of learning. The research has found a number of altered terms to portray independent learning. ‘Self-regulated learning’ is the most common reflecting the idea of learning independently. Factors of Learning Independently Learning independently effectively depends on a number of external and internal factors. The external factors entail the creation of a strong bond between teachers and students. Information and communications technology and the brainybatch’s education guide can play an important role to establish a facilitating environment. In another case, internal factors are such kind of ability in which individual students have to attain on their own. These will comprise cognitive abilities like focusing on memory. Also, it includes concentration, analytical and meta-cognitive abilities. These will relate with a thoughtful idea of how learning occurs with effective abilities related to feelings and emotions. Benefits of Learning Independently The studies have found some substantiation of the benefits of independent learning. It improves academic performance as well as augments motivation and confidence. It helps in enhancing student awareness rare issues like education EMI and also their ability to manage their own problems; hence they get a better solution. It enables teachers to offer discriminated tasks for students too. It also fosters social enclosure by opposing estrangement. Abilities Needed For Students A number of abilities are needed for the students to obtain in order to fit into the world successfully. These basic learning abilities will help them to be more efficient. Cognitive Abilities: Learn To Investigate Students should have a keen interest to find information; until and unless they will never be able to develop new ideas. ‘Learn to investigate’ is a cognitive ability in which students should be able to put up informal rules for solving problems. They have to categorize objects as per given criteria which should be formed theoretically and reason logically. Teachers must help the students to guide them and motivate them. To investigate properly, teachers can help them by providing them with abandonment ideas those are away from the goal.  This will help the students to build themselves as learner readiness.   Meta-cognitive Abilities: Learn to evaluate the quality of information The studies have shown the facts that younger students are capable enough to describe how they learn! They can categorize key activities those are indispensable for learning. They are been able to use formal strategies and also use listening, remembering skills to apply previously learned knowledge. Students of the present era can render more information than any previous generation. They apply critical thinking which is very important to the ‘look, cover, write, check’ strategy. In this case, both the parents and teachers must teach the students to assess the quality of the information they receive. In this way, the students will be able to reflect on what they had done. They will be able to observe their progress and use self-assessment in order to take liability for their own learning.   Affective Abilities: Learn to learn from others Students come from diverse cultural and personal background by which each and every student has a sole set of abilities and acquaintance. With the effective ability to observe with own aristocracy, one can acquire useful information. It is indeed a good way to progress as a person and expand into different aspects. The keenness of learning from others is considered as a motivation as the most important affective attribute in relation to learning independently. In this case, the students should be encouraged to observe their classmates and learn from them too.   The encouragement and learning process from the teacher to the student is the main ingredient to learn independently.By this way, students feel motivated to learn more. This only can be done only with the collaboration with the teachers to structure their own learning environment.]]>

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