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The importance of custom packaging in the cosmetic industry is significant. The packaging is a summary of the whole product. An impressive packaging enhances the customer’s interest in the product and that is proved in many researches as well. So, having an appealing packaging increase the chances of increased sales. Especially, for cosmetic products such as lip balm which has become necessary for every person throughout the year. Attractive lip balm boxes can help you to highlight your lip-balm in front of the other lip balm products.

Almost a decade ago, the importance of packaging did not count in the retail industry. People were selling their products with ordinary and simple packaging but as time has passed, the significance of the packaging increased rapidly and it will increase more. We have seen a revolution in the custom packaging industry with the growing innovative technology. Many of the new and latest methods have been adopted to improve the quality of the custom packaging. One of the biggest example is the use of offset printing technology in the field of custom packaging and printing. 

Custom boxes are the most economical option for the manufacturer as compared to the other standard solutions. This cost-effectiveness made it necessary for every manufacturer because that’s how they can compete in the competitive market. There are some ways that help you to reduce the cost of the cosmetic boxes. So, you can save a bit of money to invest it on other business needs. Following you will learn those factors, so stay with us till the end.

Choose the Best Fitted Box Size

The first thing that can reduce the cost of the packaging is your product packaging size. Always take exact product measurements so the product gets fixed pretty tight. This will not only protect your product from damage but it also reduces the cost of the custom product boxes.

Best Quality Material

Packaging material is another way by which you can reduce the cost of your custom packaging.  There are plenty of materials that can be used to make custom boxes and various cost ranges. You can choose any of the eco-friendly packaging materials to reduce the cost of production of the custom packaging. Moreover, you can also play around with the thickness of the packaging material to cut down the cost of production. Like if a lip balm can be packed into the 14pt packaging stock, you should not go for the 16pt stock. This will significantly reduce the cost per box. 

Appealing and Attractive Design

Choosing the cost-efficient designing option will be beneficial for your retail business. You should not go for the additional designing or finishing options for your cosmetic packaging if you have a tight budget. Like velvet lamination, embossing, debossing, and hot or cold foiling, etc. Stick to the minimal option and can also cut down your cost of production anonymously.

Bulk Orders

Usually people are well aware of the cost-effectiveness of bulk orders. For example, if you order 100 custom boxes, the price per unit would be higher. When you choose custom packaging with offset printing, the price per unit keeps on reducing when you increase the quantity. An increase in quantity will have a direct impact on numerous cost decline. So, we will suggest if you have a product like lip balm, you can order your custom cosmetic boxes in bulk to reduce the overall cost per box. That portion of saved money can be utilized on any other business needs. With the bulk or large quantity, you need to find a company that offers custom boxes at wholesale rates.


So, our agenda was to share some useful tips to reduce the cost of production of your custom packaging boxes. We hope this article will help you to find these smart and innovative ways to save money for your product packaging.

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