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When it comes to men’s fashion, there are so many pieces that help one’s wardrobe stand out in a crowd. From lapel pins to cufflinks and socks, different pieces help one express their personality and look their best. A great wardrobe definitely needs a trendy pair of eyeglasses to complement it. Wooden eyeglasses, especially, give a look of sophistication and confidence that are sure to turn heads. There are a variety of wooden eyeglasses frames to add to your collection. 

There are a number of reasons to invest in a pair of wooden eyeglasses. They come in different wood types including oak, ebony, and birch wood. Getting yourself a pair is also environmentally sustainable since the production of plastic glasses is evidently harmful to the environment. Whether you get wood frame prescription glasses or want them for style, they are definitely a must-have. Here are three of the best wooden eyeglasses for men.

Round Zebrawood Glasses

When I think of round eyeglasses I can picture the fictional character Arthur walking down his neighborhood in Elwood City. Zebrawood has a light brown color that adds a pop of color to any spring or fall getup. They are the perfect fit for your casual fit, whether it is to grab a cup of coffee, attend a networking event or head out for a date night. 

NURILENS zebrawood elwood city frames are a great place to start and a great choice. Not to mention, all of their wooden frames come with blue-light blocking, UV protectant lenses to protect your eyes from the effects of digital eyestrain. Both nonprescription and prescription options are available on their online store.

Walnut Aviator Glasses

These wooden eyewear frames are ones for the book. First and foremost, the shape screams cool, suave, and chic. These are another great fit for a casual fit for a night out in the city or a rooftop networking event. It also goes with different shaped faces: rectangle, diamond, heart, and round. 

Shwood is definitely your go to for a cool pair of aviator frames. Their Kinsrow Wood sunglasses come in a cool dark walnut. Their lenses also come with UV protection, which is a great add on for a day out in the sun. Get your pair on their website or check them out at one of their local retail locations.

Ebony Wayframe Glasses

Everyone needs a go-to pair of glasses that would go with pretty much any outfit. That is where your ebony wayframe glasses come in. This rich, dark colored wood is a perfect addition for your office fit, whether you dress on the business professional or casual side. This type of wood also happens to be lightweight, so no need to worry about getting headaches from the glasses being too heavy. Of course, this shape and wood type is versatile. Not only does it go with any outfit, but it compliments various face shapes as well.

Bôhten’s Jetter Ebony eyeglasses are the perfect pair of ebony wood glasses. This Canadian company uses sustainably sourced wood from Africa to bring their beautiful designs to life. Their glasses temples are also made with acetate tips to provide a level of adjustability to the frame if needed. They also offer both prescription and nonprescription options.

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