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Most dogs you see at your friends’ houses are harmless and love to play, be it with their owners or strangers. However, some dogs possess aggressive qualities and can cause severe bite injuries. If a dangerous breed of dog bit you, you might require immediate healthcare. For seeking compensation, you can work with a Connecticut personal injury attorney. It is essential to learn about the dangerous breeds of dogs so that you can be extra careful when around them.

Dangerous dog breeds associated with dog bite claims

  • Alaskan Malamutes.

Alaskan malamutes were originally bred for carrying loads and transporting them from one place to another. Therefore, you can guess that they are pretty strong. They have an aggressive attitude with a strong drive to pursue and catch prey. Sometimes they also attack other pets and small children. These dogs get their characteristic traits from their ancestors.

  • Pit Bulls. 

Pit bulls are infamous for being dangerous. However, the fact is that when these dogs are trained and raised properly, they grow up to be friendly and peaceful pets. However, no matter their nature, they still possess big jaws and extreme power that makes them a threat if they attack. Moreover, pit bulls are pretty dedicated dogs, meaning they finish a task when they start one. If they attack a person, they do not stop easily.

  • Rottweiler. 

Rottweilers kill almost 40 people every year. They are not that big in size but are heavy in weight. They tend to attack when someone uses sharp words, forcefully pets them, or causes rapid movement. Many children have got injured simply by going close to such dogs. Rottweilers are also sold illegally for dogfighting tournaments.

  • Chow chow. 

Despite their compact size and cute appearance, chow chows have a bad reputation and are considered high-risk pets. This breed is not for families with small children or other pets. They also tend to be aggressive towards other animals with who they are not raised. A Chow-Chow dog bite victim can suffer from extremely serious injuries.

  • German shepherds.

German shepherds are well-known for being loyal and, thus, are the second-most popular dogs in the United States. They are often used by the police, military, and other people who wish to keep guard dogs. Poor training and improper care can cause them to attack humans and other animals. So if you’re looking for guard dogs for sale, make sure to train your German Shepherd well and get them from a reliable breeder to prevent any problems in the future.

Most dogs do not bite or attack unless they are provoked. Even the dangerous breeds of dogs can be controlled if given proper training and care. If the irresponsibility of another individual has caused harm to you or your loved one, contact an attorney today.

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