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Bigo Live App Review

Technology The surrounding people. Social media is a great manifestation of technology that has brought the hearts of the people living in different parts of the world together. In this era of social media which spreads over the decade of tweenies, it has become easier to find new friends and get connected with the old ones. The users have a wide range of social media options to work with. The popular ones include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. In addition to updating the status, sharing precious moments and sending the favorite media files, there is one trend becoming popular too. This is regarding the live streaming. Social media is contributing both as a good and a bad addition in the world of technology. It is hard to say that any of the social media options is completely bad or good. Like any other option, any platform can be  good or bad. 

What is the Bigo Live app?

With live streaming becoming popular day by day, many names are adding to the list of social media. One popular platform that has gained popularity in a brief time is Bigo live app. This live streaming social media application permits you to go live in just one click. Share the media or relay your vlogs conveniently. Get connected in one-to-one interaction or make a group call, everything is now on your fingertips. Get connected with the application with your Facebook or Google account. Either share the media from these platforms or make your own video and share it with the others. 

If you want to increase the social network, you have time to get connected with random strangers through video calling. Stay safe while chatting with the strangers by hiding your identity using the filters. The filters can  alter your appearance and even voice while chatting. You get the chance to live stream your special moments and inspire others to make them friends. Use this platform not just for fun, but for showcasing your hidden talents. Too. 

Like live streaming, you have a choice to enjoy the live chat. Share your special moments with your friends to earn the virtual gifts. You can also send these gifts to the person on the other side. These gifts are called Beans. These beans can be earned and exchanged with the real-world money. If you are a gamer, you would definitely like the gaming option. 

Today there are over 300 million users of Bigo Live. Although in some countries it is banned, there are still many countries allowing their residents to enjoy this application. 

What are the Distinguishing features of Bigo Live? 

If you’re looking for a great opportunity to showcase your talent and creativity, then Bigo Live is the right place. These are the features that would compel you to prefer Bigo over several other similar applications.

  • Do you have some hidden talent? Do you want people to know about the skills you have? The Task is not tedious any more. Inspire the world by going to live through Bigo Live. gain fans, add to your followers list, inspire people to be your friends and get gifts. 
  • Once you become a part of the community of the skilled, improve the skills further. Look at the recent happenings in  interest through the live streaming. Watch the live-streaming by popular broadcasters, artists, foodies and many more. 
  • Get connected with the old friends to share the beautiful memories. Stay in contact with the family that is away and you are missing them.You can also make friends out of strangers with Bigo Live. All this is possible with the video chat and video call option. 
  • Enjoy being a part of the real time conversation with people from different backgrounds by using the voice chat room option. Discuss on issues that bother you. There is no restriction of language. 
  • Vlogs are a popular trend in the world of social media. It is how you let the world see the things they have not experienced with their eyes. It can be a story of some recent traveling or a talent you have or any personal or no personal experience. Use Bigo Live to let the world see what you have witnessed. 
  • Bigo Live would not disappoint the gamers. Enjoy playing the favorites on your list with Bigo Live like PUBG, Minecraft, Rules of Survival, Dota 2 and GTA. You can either play the game or watch others play through live streaming. 

What makes Bigo Live a Popular Trend?

Sharing a recorded media file can never have an impact similar to the live streaming. The latter is an extremely inspiring and effective way of connecting with the world. With the live streaming, you let the world be a part of your NOW. These videos going live can engage more viewers than the recorded videos. As you go live, the viewers interact with you. There is a chance to get an immediate input of the viewers and this allows you to get the idea at once. Hence it becomes easier to learn and improve in a short time, instead of waiting for the comments you get after posting a media file. 

Live streaming pays more in case of businesses. It becomes more like in store shopping. Let the world know your brand and the products well. They can ask the details and pose before you the queries regarding the products so they are clear about everything. 

The Downside of Bigo Live

Despite. While talking of the adverse implications, the youth and the young minds are likely to get affected negatively if we use the app with no check. The common complaints related to Bigo Live include 

  • Connecting with the strangers and the unknown can be a security problem.
  • The content is too mature and often not appropriate for the young viewers. 
  • It is easy to bypass AI technology.
  • Bullying behavior is promoted through the live chats. 
  • Many negative minds exploit the features of the Bigo Live and use it for negative purposes. 


Live streaming is among the recent technological innovations. It has both the good and the unpleasant sides. The live streaming can be scary if the technology goes into the hands ready to do something bad all the time. Bigo Live has its own complexities. On one hand, it can help you build your reputation while it can be a genuine threat for the users if not used carefully. 


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