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Eyes down, Look in – Who doesn’t love a game of bingo; especially when the chances of winning a cash prize are thrown into the mix? Whether you’re on holiday and enjoying a game of penny bingo at the arcades, you’re playing online or you have your hopes pinned on winning a big jackpot at the bingo hall there is no denying that a game of bingo can be fun! However, is the numbers game just a game of chance or are there strategies you could be using in order to improve your chances of being a winner?

Online Bingo vs. Land-Based Bingo

These days online bingo is proving extremely popular & the fact that the game can mark off your cards for you definitely helps. That said, some people think that this way of playing can take away some of the excitement, as you lose out on the searching for your numbers part of any game! However, if you choose to play bingo there are some techniques that could help. With these tips, you could see your chances of winning improve at these bingo sites or at a land-based bingo hall in the future.

Be Organised

Whether you’re playing online or visiting a physical venue, being organised definitely helps your chances of being successful. The last thing you want is to be entering the game at the last minute and not having enough time to sort out your cards & get comfortable before the numbers start being called. Bingo is a super-fast-paced game so you’ll want to be on your a-game right from the start.

Choose Your Games Wisely

Choosing the games that you participate in can help your chances of winning. The idea is to think about what your competition is likely to be. It can be tempting to attend those games with big jackpots and prizes on offer, but everyone else will be tempted too! However, although attending a mid-afternoon game with a mediocre prize can seem less exciting from the offset, your chances of winning are improved because fewer people are trying to beat you to the prize.

Buy More Than One Card

Bingo is definitely a game of chance, so giving yourself the best possible chance of winning is a sensible move. If you have the budget for a couple of games of bingo it often is more sensible to buy numerous cards for one game rather than split things across other games. Whilst this does mean that your bingo night is over quicker, it gives you a better chance of success – and even a small win means that you can go on to play more games anyway, so win-win!

The Right Accessories

The right accessories are definitely important, especially if you are visiting a land-based casino. The last thing you want is your pen running out of ink halfway through a game, so make sure you have tested this and you’re happy with the quality of your bingo dauber. It’s also worth taking a couple of spares just in case. Bingo games move quickly so you won’t want to be searching around for a new pen should yours stop working for any reason. People sometimes take things like double-sided tape or blue-tac with them so that they can secure their bingo cards to the table – handy to ensure things are secure when you’re quick dabbing.

The Right Environment

If you’re playing bingo online then your home set-up is important. For starters, you should check the volume of your computer before you get started – ensuring that you will be able to clearly hear the bingo numbers as they are called. You’ll probably want to make sure that you are comfortable before a game begins and that you have done everything you can to minimise your chances of being disturbed as the game goes on.

Visiting a bingo hall has the same requirements – choose a seat where you are comfortable. You might even want to get to the venue early so you can choose a seat near the front to make sure that you can hear the bingo caller and the numbers as clearly as possible throughout the duration of the game.

Pay Attention

Whether you’re playing online or visiting a venue the last thing you want to do is get distracted during a game. Bingo numbers tend to be called in quick succession which means that even if you’re distracted for a few moments you could miss a handful of numbers being called – which could be the difference between winning and losing. If you are playing bingo then make sure that you have your eyes down and your mind on the prize – everything else can wait until the numbers have all been called & a winner has been announced.

The truth is that bingo is a numbers game of chance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your chances of being a winner. You’re certainly not doing yourself any favours by missing out on numbers that have been called & going with a pen that is going to cause you trouble. Instead, to give yourself the best possible chance of calling ‘house!’ you want to be organised and calm as you approach the game – after all, it is meant to be a game of fun!

Pay attention as the game goes on, make sure you tick off your numbers and be sure to call yourself out as a winner as soon as your final number is called. Just make sure that you know whether the current game is for a line, 2 lines or house – that way you know what you are aiming towards. There are different ways to play online bingo for free which can also be a good way to get some practice in and make yourself familiar with how the bingo cards work. It can seem complicated and too fast at first but with a bit of practice, you’ll soon be a bingo professional in no time at all.

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