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A study that was carried out on Inequalities and the Life Course by the Yale Center for Research revealed that for every unmarried Caucasian female, there are almost two unmarried African American females. Furthermore, the United States census which was carried out in 2000 revealed that the number of African American females is more than that of African American males by about 1.8 million. The above are some reasons African Americans need to come up with creative ways to find dates with the use of black dating sites. If you have been having challenges with dating, you are on the right page.

This article contains tips that can make dating less challenging.

Online Dating Sites

There are limitations with finding the right people to date if all the average African American does is look for prospective partners in their locality. Due to this, lots of African Americans have moved from just searching for mates in their neighborhood to looking out for prospective partners on websites dedicated to dating. As an African American, looking for a partner on an African American dating site makes it a lot easy to select those that fit your requirements out of the many available people.

To get the best out of African American dating sites, it is best to register as a member. If you are not certain what African American site to try out, some African American sites to try out include Ebony Friends, Afro Connections, Soul Singles, and Black Singles.

Hangout Spots in your Neighborhood

Not every environment is ideal for starting up a conversation with an absolute stranger. This, therefore, make it important to meet members of the opposite sex in environments that make it very easy for people to come out of their shells. Some spots that provide the right conditions to interact freely with total strangers are jazz clubs and coffee shops. So, to take advantage of this, simply locate a hangout spot in your environment. Buy a drink, listen to some good music and meet people with traits that you find attractive.


When it comes to dating, race is not the only important factor. Values are also important. This is one reason the Church is a great place to meet singles that are black and also have the same values as you. To get noticed by a potential mate or have the time to communicate effectively with someone you assume to be a potential mate, you could decide to help out at an event or even join an activity department in church. As an African American, there are lots of churches you can join just to find a suitable mate.

Club Events

This is a great option for people that are still in the university. The university might be a place for people to primarily get whatever the degrees they have always wanted to get. However, beyond getting a degree in the university, you can also meet people that could turn out to be potential partners. To get this done, all you need to do is join a fraternity in college. This can help you move from just friendship into a long-term relationship.

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