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Blogger Outreach

Have you ever felt that thing where you have everything in place and you just need a proper network to market your skills?

Well, there are a lot of networks that can help you with your business and f you have the connection with the right bloggers in this digital world and industry then you can start to become famous! There are so many blogger outreach programs in the digital space that you can quickly find out whoever you want to meet and build a rapport with.

Blogger outreach programs and spaces are the best places to do your guest post outreach. Apart from that if you want to increase the engagement of your website and the exposure to your content then you can do these blogger outreach activities.

Given the platform, you can market yourself and your content and people can take a liking in you. This is a place where you can connect with the industry experts and also gain lots of knowledge on how to communicate with your potential customers.

Here are a few resources below where they can help in blogger outreach. They include the networks that are specifically created for all the new bloggers to connect with an influencer or popular bloggers.

  1. MyBlogGuest

It is a free community where you can connect with the blog owners. You can join for free and start getting exposure to guest post outreach and guest posting.

  1. GuestBlogIt

This helps to be your guest blogging resource. You can gain high quality and relevant backlinks and all you have to do is to submit your content or find content for free!

  1. BloggerLinkUp

Thus helps you to find the bloggers who are looking for expert sources or requests for guest posts, PR reps, and reviews of the products. You can directly respond to the person who requested if you think you are a perfect fit for the role.

  1. BlogSynergy

This is a proper social network for the whole blogging community. It is the place where you can follow, share and connect to the guest posting opportunities with one another.

  1. Guestr

Here, the website owners can find the guest posters and the bloggers who do guest posting find the opportunities. They can also promote their blogs and browse loads of websites.

  1. BlogDash

This is the place where they can find, engage and pitch their ideas to the bloggers. They can filter the bloggers through the keywords, categories and also locations.

  1. GroupHigh

It is sophisticated software that aids in PR (Public relations), SEO and also social media professionals. This was created especially to reach out to the bloggers.

  1. PostJoint

This is a great platform for those who connect the advertisers and the bloggers to make the marketing of the content easier and better than ever before. The bloggers who are present on this platform can offer their guest post services and the advertisers can seriously produce quality content. This platform takes full care of the quality.

Hence these are new resources of blogger outreach platforms that offer you help. Here are a few more things that you can do. These are a few more best practices of blogger outreach:

  • Know the writer

When you are reaching out, study them again and again. Unless you know your blogger, you do not know who you are working with. Go through their blog sites, their writings, and summarize each and everything. Contact bloggers automatically by using utility tools. You could also outsource an agency for you.

  • Make everything simple.

Nobody has enough time to read complicated stuff so make everything as simple as possible. Do not make your messages lengthy and instead keep them as succinct as possible. Use your most takeaway lines and that is it.

  • Be Passionate

When you are meeting new people or making some relationships, show that you are passionate and are looking forward to doing good work with them. Do not outsource your passion as you need to show that in yourself.

  • Be very creative

When you are in the blogger industry, there is a constant demand for uniqueness and creativity. Hence, be creative. You need to be incredible in selling proposition. If you are not creative, then there is no point in people wasting their time to watch you or read your content. Hence, bring your creative hats on.

  • Build Trust

This is quite essential because people trust people only if they think they are genuine. Any relationship’s basic building block is the trust and hence gain the trust of your blogger friend whom you are trying to build some rapport with. This way, you can have some mutual benefits for each other.


Hence this is the most ultimate guide you can ever have blogger outreach. There are a few resources where you can find the other bloggers and you can build your network with. There are the things you can do when you are undergoing some blogger outreach campaign. Have some great guest post outreach and good luck!

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