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If the watch is a gift and has the romantic meaning that “I’ll give you my time”, then it would be the most romantic thing in the universe to give the natural gemstone to lover. Natural precious stone which does not represent years of time? Especially the gem that we will introduce today – blue amber arabic name necklace.

Lady-level La Mer in amber

Amber is like a piece of time honey, pure and elegant, ethereal and mysterious. Thousands of years or even hundreds of millions of years ago, plant resins solidified and formed fossils through complex chemical polymerization. Blue amber infinity necklace with names is a very special member of the amber family, like the La Mer that the lady loves in the face cream.

The singular color of blue amber seems to be illusory. Under natural light, the body color is pale yellow. When you change the angle, you will see a little blue. A clear blue fluorescence can be seen on the dark background, and the blue will move flexibly with the change of the angle of light exposure.

The color secret of blue amber turns out to be this. According to scientists, the color of blue amber personalized pet photo necklace is caused by the fluorescent substance “polycyclic aromatic molecules”- Anthracene. It is known that amber and coal are organic fossils. When volcanic eruption and high temperatures occur, they will have the pyrolysis effect of incomplete combustion, thus forming hydrocarbons. The higher the concentration, the more even the distribution, the stronger the overall color of blue amber.

The reason why blue is not visible on a white/light background, but stands out on a black background is very simple cheap name bracelets view product. It is like we can’t see the stars in the daytime, but in fact the stars are always there.

Rare production makes blue amber a new favorite collection

Blue amber’s production in amber is very rare. Only three countries in the world produce blue amber: Dominica, Mexico, and Myanmar, each of which has its own characteristics.

Mexico’s blue amber is characterized by a green tone in the blue and good transparency. The relatively objective production and relatively affordable prices, making up for the limited shortcomings of Dominican high-quality blue amber custom pet necklace production.

Golden amber in Myanmar

Golden blue amber has formed a much longer era, with higher hardness and better gloss. According to its color, it can be divided into gold blue, high blue and high white. Under the black-lined white light custom dog necklace, the color is mostly dark blue, even blue-violet. Golden blue amber is a kind of Myanmar gold amber. Some people think that this is not true blue amber.

Indonesian Blue Copal

Copal is an immature semi-finished product that is not amber chemically. Be careful when buying. (Of course, if the price is reasonable, you can buy it)

When choosing blue amber, you need to look at these:

  1. Look at the color

Blue green <dark blue <blue purple <top sky blue

  1. Look at the clarity

The less the internal inclusions, the more popular it is. The extremely pure inside is also called “pure water”. But the internal flora and fauna is not an impurity, on the contrary, its rare value will be higher. Blue amber with scenery is very beautiful.

The commonly used market classification is AAA grade (sky blue) with almost no impurities, AAB (dark blue) with slightly impurities, ABB (blue) with slightly more impurities, BBB (blue-green). It’s also written as AAA, AA, A, B, C, the meaning is similar.

  1. Blue amber is an organic gemstone. Its hardness is not high. The texture is a bit crisp. It should be avoided from friction and impact. It should also be separated from other jewelry when stored.
  2. Whether it is amber or any other gemstone, do not touch the lotion, oil, etc. If it gets wet, remember to dry it in time.
  3. Blue amber is an organic matter; try not to be exposed to high temperature for a long time. For decorative items, place a small glass of water in a glass or acrylic cabinet to keep it moist.

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