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It might be easier to call yourself the king, but proving that you deserve that title is difficult. For most people, labels are essential; they want to have big tags and big names for themselves. What they do not get is you can only be labeled a mighty legend by the masses that follow and admire you.

To achieve this milestone, you need to take place in the heart of people; you have to show why you deserve that place. To show it, you must work on your creativity, skills, and anything you think you do well.

As a rapper, it’s hard to achieve the milestones you set for yourself, but it will be harder to overcome the loss of opportunities you miss when you run after industry-approved titles.

Travon Payne knows that, so he never runs after the temporary things. The 40-year-old is unarguably the undisputed king of the future of hip-hop. With his versatile music and rap style, Payne built a massive fanbase.

Travon Payne

Travon Payne, better known as Blunt Da Blockmonsta’s career, began in 2003 when he became part of the rap group “Static Gang.” He released five different albums, including Mafia Madness Vol 1, Reloaded, M.O.B Monstaz On Da Block, It’s On Like Donkey Kong, and Motivation. Along with the singles Can’t See, Feel Like, Throw Yo Hood up, Explain, Thumbin, and much more!

But eventually, he has to leave the band when he sees that he isn’t getting royalties for all the work he was putting in, so he goes solo. After that, he formed his label and released his first album, “DaBlockmonsta,” Where He’s recently received a lot of praise for his memorable and incredible tunes.

He is planning to release its new album DaGuttaSoul called Dangerous Ridaz. He released a single called No Help on Bluejay Wangteam’s album Splurge 2 Retake.

A little glimpse of Travon Payne’s personal life

Apart from being a great musician Travon is a loyal husband and a great father. He has been married to Lillie Payne since 2020 and shares three children with her – Kyvon Payne, Jayshawn Allen, and Kamari Craig, born in 2005, 2003, and 2006, respectively.

Travon has empathy embedded in every fiber of the body, which is why he believes in generosity. He says that we should learn the good aspects of our fellow humans and respect them. He also uses his time and works towards making society a better place. He has concluded that the world can witness a prosperous era if we work together to protect the environment, to illustrate: save water, and concisely use paper. Moreover, Payne wishes to volunteer at local schools in the future.


It is hard to do everything without being let down and failing. However, there is beauty in rising from the bottom of the ashes that you have lost yourself to; it takes a lot of courage, hard work, and determination, and only legends like Travon have the heart to do so.

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