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Bobbi Althoff An American Podcaster And Social Media Influencer

Life isn’t easy at all but it’s simple if we look closely and define our life by making decisions at any given time. All the decisions look right at the given time but sometimes when we retrospect we feel horrible about that decision and sometimes think that we shouldn’t take it at that point.

The decision to choose a career is so important because our whole life depends on that one decision, how will we perform in our life? How much will we earn in money, respect, and status? That’s why high school parents and teachers suggest we choose a career that we like and want to go further in that stream. 

Passion for Career

The best career is for anyone where you have passion and interest so that you don’t feel bored and disinterested and do your work without time limits and pressure. Bobbi Althoff is a girl who has taken that decision very intelligently and became a social media influencer who does podcasts also, she always wanted to do something on the screen, in the media and she has chosen wisely that.

In this article, we’ll try to dig into some more information about Bobbi Althoff and her life including her age, career, her husband, YouTube channel, Podcasts with Drake, and much more in detail. So Stay Tuned to the end. 

Who is Bobbi Althoff?

Bobbi Althoff is an American social media influencer who also does podcasts with celebrities and became viral after the podcast with Drake. 

Who is Bobbi Althoff

Bobbi Althoff Age

She was born in July 1997 as the fifth of a total of six children, where her father used to work as a contractor and her mother was a housewife.

She used to work as a nanny after graduating from high school. She tells her podcast that she thoroughly enjoyed that time because of the children whom she used to pamper when their parents weren’t around. She had this unique technique that she had learned from some books to keep children busy and happy without missing their parents.

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Bobbi Althoff Career

She started posting short videos on TikTok back in 2021 about mother-related content, how she as a mother cares for her child, and the things that you should always keep in your home for the baby child for emergencies and general situations. She started with pregnancy-related tips when she was simultaneously pregnant with her second daughter.

Her first video on TikTok, you wouldn’t believe that she has uploaded where she was seen dancing with a banana to make a funny look, basically it was intended to make children happy. Still, it became an instant hit and got nearly 2 million views gradually, through which she gained some followers consisting of mothers and small children.

Bobbi Althoff Resurgence

Her videos weren’t gaining that many views which used to get earlier, so she made another account on TikTok in early 2023 and started posting comedic videos. She informed her followers in February last year that she has made a pilot for the next podcast which she is starting from next month’s title, The Really Good Podcast which finally became public on her YouTube channel in April last year. 

Bobbi Althoff Drake interview

She took the interview of Drake, a popular rapper, on her just second episode of the podcast in July last year where we can see the coziness and the informal way of talking while lying in the bed talking to hand microphones. The interview became viral and got Bobbi the popularity that she was finding till that period.

Bobbi Althoff deleted and Other Guests

But later in August, the interview was taken down from her YouTube Channel citing the fact of copyright or feud, we can still watch that interview on YouTube because some other channel has uploaded the full video.

Thereafter, many celebrities started coming on her podcast including Charlie Puth, Lil Yachty, Mark Cuban, Rick Glassman, Offset, Bobby Lee, and Shaquille O’Neal where we can see Bobbi talking about their personal life of them and their career goals with how they have reached it to this level, their story of struggles.

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Bobbi Althoff Husband

She met her husband Cory Althoff on Bumble and got married after dating for a very short period in January 2020, her husband according to his LinkedIn profile works as Senior Vice President at CompTIA and is a programmer who has published two books on computer science.

Bobbi Althoff Husband

She is the mother of their two daughters who were born in December 2019 before their marriage and in June 2022 respectively and their names Richard and Concrete aren’t real names as Bobbie sometimes calls them because she wants to keep their identity private. 


Cory filed for divorce in February this year and told the date of separation back in July 2023 in his post on Instagram. Bobbie made a post about divorce and wrote the bio with love to Cory and remaining as friends for life and the father of their daughters. 

Bobbi Althoff Social Media

As of February 13, 2024, she has this number of followers with posts on her various social media accounts. 


She has a channel by username @Thebobbialthoff and has more than 1.14 million subscribers in just 34 videos uploaded. 


She has an account on Instagram with the username @bobbialthoff and has more than 3 million followers in just 86 posts. 


She has an account on TikTok with the username @bobbialthoff and has more than 7.2 million followers with 237.1 million likes to her posts. 


Bobbi Althoff has made a name for herself in this competitive social media influencer world where everyone wants to be viral and become famous but it is not everyone’s cup of tea. She rises because of the uniqueness of her content and the sheer dedication and perseverance for more than 2 years with two daughters, being pregnant at the same time and working on social media truly show her as a hardworking independent woman who has challenged herself on several occasions by breaking the reciprocity of the society.

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