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Bonus Rounds in Video SlotsBonus Rounds in Video Slots: How can I trigger them

There are some secrets surrounding casino games that will never be uncovered such as how to count cards in blackjack, how to tell somebody’s cards by the twitch of their eye in poker, and how to ensure that your Bonus Rounds in Video slot spin will turn out to be a winner – join Bonanza Slots.

Although there are a lot of mysteries in online casino games, one question that you might want answering is how bonus rounds in video slot work and how do you trigger them. But, fortunately for you, there is no need to worry because you have to go to the place where there are all the answers!

Just read on to find out how bonus rounds in video slot online work and what tricks and tips you can use to trigger them so that you get a little more cash when it really matters!

What are Bonus Rounds in Video Slots?

For some of the small fry newcomers to the igaming scene, maybe we are going a little too fast, and we do not blame you. Just remember big fish high rollers, you had to learn all the terms yourself once! If you are unsure about what bonus rounds in video slots are then fear not because we have a comprehensive guide on them.

Brush up on your knowledge about bonus rounds in video slots so that you can jump back into the online slot games and start winning those bonus round jackpots!


  • What they are –

If you were a 90s gamer, like us, then you will remember being down the arcade and seeing the Pac-Man bonus round come up that allowed you to win more points. Online slot games are just the same, except the bonus rounds are more elaborate, there are many different types, and they can win you actual cash!

  • Types of video slot bonus round –

There are a number of common ones which you may have seen if you have tried your hand a few online slots, and they are: the free spin bonus where the house gifts you a bunch of free go’s, free cash bonuses that do exactly what they say on the tin, along with heaps of other types of bonuses that will leave your bank looking hot!

  • Do all slots have bonuses? –

Classic video slots, just like in real life, may not have as many bonus rounds as themed slots, but most good slots will have them… and if they do not, then maybe it is not for you!

How to Trigger the Bonus Round in Video Slots:

Now that you have the basics, there are a few tips and tricks that you can do to increase your chances of triggering the . Follow our short step-by-step guide on how to trigger them and you will be winning in no time:

  1.     Check out the games with the best bonuses
  2.     Find a low volatility rate game that pays out frequently
  3.     Look for deals and welcome packages on slots
  4.  Put on your luckiest pair of socks and hope for the bonuses!

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