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Today, seeking a job is a temporary solution to earn money, and there is no security for your future. The best solution to secure your future is running your own business where you are the boss and employee. The options for running a business are several, and most importantly, maintaining a website is mandatory to run a business in this modern world. Hiring a web developer may cost more money, which is not suitable for Small business people. So you can use the Boost360 app, which is best for small and large businesses. Through this post, you will see how the boost360 app helps small businesses to grow in 2022.

How to create a Boost360 website? 

Creating a website in the traditional way, which includes finding a developer, getting hosting etc., may include more cost. Boost360 is the best ecommerce website builder that can help you save your money for creating a website. Here are the steps to create a boost360 website.

Step1: From the Play store (Android) or App Store (iOS), download and install the Boost360 app on your phone.

Step2: This website builder offers various business types such as retail, healthcare etc., and selects your business type from that list.

Step3: After that, register your business details such as the business’s name, address, phone number, email etc.

Step4: Select your URL that is your website name/website address. By using this only, your customers will browse your business products.

Step5: The user can link their social media app link for business purposes.

Step6: Now your business website is live and ready for viewing, you can engage with your customers.

Later, you can add further details such as business description, business logo, etc. In your e-catalogue, you have to add your products to start your e-commerce service.

Features and benefits of Boost360

  • Simple and easy 

If you are implementing a new business plan, you have so much work to do, and you cannot spend more time only creating a website for your business. Each Ecommerce app has a different feature, so the time required to create your website may differ. In the Boost360 app, you can easily create your business website within 5 minutes.

  • No coding knowledge is needed

With this excellent app, you save your time and additionally, you can create your website on your own. You don’t require any coding skill or knowledge to use this app, and the easy step-by-step help you to create. Non-technical people can also benefit from Boost360.

  • No server or hosting cost 

One of the greatest features or advantages of Boost360 for small business people is that no cost is required for hosting your website. For many small businesses, paying for the host is a major expense, and it can be cut down since it offers free web hosting. As a businessman, you have to look for cost-effective solutions.

  • Secure online platform

You may doubt the security level of Boost360 as it offers free hosting. Don’t worry this app provides comprehensive website security on its platform. Their PCI DSS, HIPAA and SSL compliant services obey the rules of global security norms. So there will be 100% safety for your financial transactions and data.

Bottom line: 

You can manage your website effortlessly from your mobile or desktop, and boost360 offers both the free version and paid version to its users. Finally, the small business gets help from the Boost360 app to grow in 2022.

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