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BoxOfficeMojo Systematic and Algorithmic Website for Box-Office Collection

We’re in a digital world where we can access anything as compared to our previous generations and that always comes in two aspects. Either way, it can be used for good or bad, it depends on us as humans to do better for society. Movies have become a part of our life now and no one can deny the fact that the impact of movies is undefinable and can’t be calculated. 

Sometimes a movie can change your whole life from the way you dress, do your hair or the way you speak and your way of thinking and can take you on a journey which you haven’t experienced till now. When we decide to watch a movie whether at home or in theatres, we generally look for the reviews of critics, the public, or any credible sites to verify whether it is up to our standards or not or whether it deserves our precious time to invest.

Here comes BoxOfficeMojo, the American website that recommends the best movies by calculating their lifetime box office collections systematically and algorithmically. In this article, we’re going to understand how they calculate the revenue of a movie, how they started their journey, and some examples of movies associated with it. So Stay Tuned for the end.

What’s BoxOfficeMojo? How did it start?

It was started as a site that used to forecast the top 10 highest-grossing films in the whole USA every week by Brandon Gray in 1998. At the weekend, he used to compare his forecasts with the actual figures of how much collections movies have grossed in a week and he started writing a regular column in box-office analysis. After a year in 1999, he started posting about Friday’s daily box-office grosses so that people could read about them publicly on Saturdays.

What’s BoxOfficeMojo How did it start

After some time, he started publishing daily grosses, release schedules, and various kinds of charts such as all-time charts, international box-office charts, charts of actors and directors, and genre charts along with weekend grosses. The site gradually started expanding and adding to including weekend charts back to 1982, all-time gross of older movies, separate international section that covered more than 50 countries gross collection, international release schedules as well as how movies are performing daily in more than 100 countries. 


In 2002, Gray was thinking of expanding the website and got a partner in Sean Saulsbury and they both started working hard. Gradually the site reached nearly 2 million readers which was a very big achievement for a movie collection site because it was a slightly different and new idea in the startup world thus attracting many investors also.

In 2003, They brought a new model, subscription (Premier Pass) so that some people can get access to premium data and some inside facts and stories that are hard to find out and can directly send out to those who want to pay. Between 2002 and 2011, the site had forums that had more than 16,500 registered users and was going well. Later next year, the forums were closed and the users were requested to join new IMDB message boards.

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IMDB’s Acquisition of BoxOfficeMojo

Amazon was on cue for some time to purchase this site by their subsidiary IMDB and they finally did it in July 2008. After merging with IMDB, the whole traffic of the site was directed directly to IMDB’s homepage in 2014 because the management decided to keep only one website for all the information about movies. But that decision wasn’t very welcomed by the users and they had to turn and keep these two separate on the very following day.

IMDB’s Acquisition of BoxOfficeMojo

Logo and Home Design of BoxOfficeMojo

Suddenly they unveiled a home page and the whole site looked like IMDB in 2019 and titled it something like Boxofficemojo by IMDBpro. The redesign was heavily criticized by regular users because it was quite difficult to navigate and because those features that used to be free were moved to IMDBpro and a subscription was added to that so if you want to access those features like box-office data for franchises and movies, genres, actors, and even of filmmakers and budgets and even inflated gross figures. This decision made users very angry and after that year 2020, some features they had to provide for free only to be compromised.

BoxOfficeMojo Review and Collection with Examples

Let’s understand how the site shows and collects the box-office collection for the users by looking at examples of some of the popular movies associated with it. That will give you a clear understanding if you’re a new user and want to experience the site so how you should use and look at the gross figures.

BoxOfficeMojo Review and Collection with Examples

Firstly, they write a short synopsis on the front page about the movie and there is a tab if you scroll further down of Gross figures with the section to select from the original release and between domestic and worldwide collections. There are different tabs each for domestic daily, weekends, weekly, and all-time domestic with some general information about the movie also as which type of genre, running time, distributor, release, certification opening gross, and much more.

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Boxofficemojo barbie

Barbie and Ken are having a wonderful time in their BarbieLand they get everything that they want and are ruled by the Barbies who handle every minister and every company. But they got a chance to experience the real world because of a problem with Barbie and she had to fix it and there they soon discovered many good things and some bad things.

Collection – 1,445,638,421 billion dollars

Boxofficemojo sound of freedom

The incredible story of a federal agent who had to save a girl from the captivators who is the sister of the boy whom he had saved before also. This is a dangerous mission and the time is running out so he leaves his job and goes to the Columbian jungle to save her and put his life in danger.

Collection – 250,634,085 million dollars


BoxOfficeMojo has made a name in the movie recommendation market based on their collecting accurate gross box-office figures and made it free for the users till now where we’re paying subscriptions for almost everything. We hope that it’ll grow more and we can have that comfort zone where we can find out how much money our favorite movie has made.

You can access the site through two more proxies.

  • www Boxofficemojo
  • Boxofficemojo cmo

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