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We are one of the top leading Brand Ambassador Agencies Los Angeles has to offer. Our brand ambassadors stand out from the competition due to their engaging personalities, professional experience, and extensive training. 

Our Story

At Julia Valler Event Staffing we have been producing and delivering quality event staff for over two decades. Our company was originally founded in NYC in 2013 and has since expanded with our newest location being in Los Angeles California. We have experience working with numerous big-name companies including Puma, Vogue, Nascar, Chanel, and more.

Our Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are a great promotional tool that can be added to any event. Unlike printed or digital media, having a person walking around actually humanizes and breathes life into your brand and can result in a better response than other traditional marketing strategies. We believe that specialists can deliver better results than generalists as far as Los Angeles brand ambassador agencies go. That is why we have several different types of brand ambassadors to choose from such as clothing, fashion, event, food, liquor, and other various marketing brand ambassadors.

All of our brand ambassadors are fully vetted and were hand-selected from an extensive pool of applicants, ensuring that only the best of the best will work at your next event. All of our event staff are entirely dedicated to putting on an amazing event and staying up to date on their training. 

The Booking Process

It is definitely worth considering booking promotional staff for your next event whether it is a smaller corporate party or a huge product launch. Booking Julia Valler Event Staffing is an easy process, just contact us for a quote! One of our account executives will then send you a presentation featuring our previous work along with which brand ambassadors of ours are available at the time. Your quote will also be included during this step.

Should you choose to work with us you will have entire control over which brand ambassadors you want to hire specifically as well as what type of uniform you would like them to wear. It is your event and we are there to make your vision come to life.

Work With Us

At Julia Valler, we truly pride ourselves on the quality of event staff we provide our clients with as well as the level of professionalism that comes with it. Customer satisfaction is our absolute top priority which is why we work with our clients to problem-solve issues as they come up. When dealing with events you can never predict what something is going to change which is why we make ourselves available for contact 7 days a week, even after our office is already closed for the day. We do everything in our power to try to alleviate the stress from you and are proud to be one of the top brand ambassador agencies Los Angeles has. With us, you can expect nothing but trained, experienced professional staff and outstanding customer service. It’s time to take your event to the next level with Brand Ambassadors!

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