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Youthful Brayan Sugich, vocalist and performer who was essential for the melodic gathering “Grupo Margen”, couldn’t make due subsequent to being owned up to a medical clinic in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora.

Brayan was injured during a shootout that occurred at a party that occurred on December 27 and was situated in a distribution center in the Mission area.

Sugich was important for the melodic gathering that was engaging the party that was occurring in a stockroom and in which furnished assassins entered who started to take shots at the visitors, leaving an equilibrium of four individuals dead (counting Brayan Sugich) and five all the more truly harmed.

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Brayan Sugich was essential for different activities oversaw by the record name possessed by the Nodal family, Brayan and Eder de la Rocha, one more of the youngsters who were fatalities because of the shooting, they were simply starting their vocation as artists in the expert field and had taken care of the party to be important for the collection.

Both were important for a similar gathering and had as of late marked an agreement with the name run by Christian Nodal’s dad.

Eder was one more individual from Grupo Margen who passed on during the shooting (Photo: Instagram ederdlr)
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The public that went to the party was made up for the most part of youngsters somewhere in the range of 19 and 24 years of age who were commending a birthday, and everything was done ordinarily when two car type vehicles halted external the distribution center, Of which furnished people plummeted and started to fire at the group moving right along, leaving four dead and five injured.

The assault occurred around 23:00 hours on the edge of the roads Republic of Cuba and Esperanza, in the Mission area and as detailed The Day, the observers demonstrated that the aggressors escaped the vehicles and quickly started taking shots at the premises.

As per reports, the aggressors utilized top quality weapons that quickly killed two individuals at the scene, while the youthful Eder kicked the bucket en route to medical clinic.

Brayan Sugich had been harmed and the specialists appraised his wellbeing as “genuine” however tragically he spent away this evening.

In the JG Music account, the organization of Jaime González, the dad of Christian Nodal, the accompanying message was shown through his Instagram profile out of appreciation for Brayan Sugich:

It is with profound distress that we affirm the deficiency of Brayan Sugich. An extraordinary individual and craftsman who will keep on living in our souls until the end of time

The recognition that JG Music devoted to Brayan Sugich (Screenshot: Instagram jgmusicoficial_)
A portion of the tunes that the youngsters exposed have topics of the Mexican local class, however specifically some can be protected, for example, “Cuadros de Adobe” and their YouTube channel had around 230 supporters, They had as of late opened their profile, and its delivery date was last October 22, 2020, the initial date as indicated by the video stage.

They had as of late made their most memorable collection with a similar name as the gathering: “Grupo Margen”.

It ought to be noticed that a portion of the gathering’s topics made references to tranquilize dealing, since in a few of their tunes they notice characters, for example, “Los Chapitos”, children of the notable medication dealer Joaquín Guzmán Loera, “El Chapo”, which is a subject that generally takes that melodic class and it isn’t demonstrated that this is connected with the hostility that will wind up costing them their lives.

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