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Have you been suffering from sleep deprivation? Then it’s time to explore some effective ways to sleep better. Everyone knows the importance of sleep in strengthening our immune system. But as a result of sleep deficit, our immune system weakens and your health deteriorates and you become susceptible to illnesses very fast. Today, it becomes essential for everyone to break the exhausting cycle of sleep deprivation by following some healthy sleeping habits. For some, it’s a short-term affair that resolves itself and for others, it may be chronic insomnia that needs to be dealt with utmost importance. Here are some natural tips that you can incorporate into your lifestyle easily and effectively:

Follow a Sleep Schedule

Maintaining a good sleep-wake-up cycle will help you in getting a good night’s sleep. Even during the weekends do not go to bed late and wake up late. Interrupting this schedule will affect the next day’s performance at work. A good sleep cycle will help to regulate your circadian rhythm and sleep cycle. Sleep deprivation and weak immunity are directly related. Only getting sound sleep for eight hours can strengthen your immune system and make you strong enough to fight all infections and illnesses.

Try to get more Natural Light

Natural light plays a vital role in regulating the lack of sleep. As soon as you wake up, let the sunlight enter your room. This will help in signaling your brain to recognize whether it is time to sleep or feel energetic. Darkness is an indication for our body to take rest. The more natural light you grab during the day, the sleepier you feel at night.

Keep the Bedroom Quiet, Dark and Cool

A room that is in pin-drop silence, as dark and cool as possible helps to sleep better during the nights. If you live in a busy street where your sleep will get disrupted by the sounds of a vehicle horn, you may use an earplug or sound-absorbing devices in the room. To block the entry of street lights entering your bedroom, use a blind screen. The cool bedroom makes you fall asleep faster. Regulate the room temperature between 160c – 240 c. Also, it is essential to keep the blanket and quilt handy to use them if you feel too chill.

Control the Intake of anything that stimulates your Brain

Usually, chocolates, coffee, caffeinated drinks, and alcohol stimulate your brain and make you stay alert for hours after consumption. Try to avoid consuming these stimulants late in the afternoon so that your sleep won’t be disturbed. Similarly, eating heavy meals late in the night will trigger your brain to stay awake to metabolize the consumed food even during bedtime. Hence those who are seeking good night’s sleep shall eat early and light dinner.

Do Regular Exercise

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, it is very crucial to incorporate a minimum amount of exercise into your daily routine. Exercise is a good remedy to relieve stress and improve mood. Experts from Wakefit explain that exercise need not be mandatorily a strenuous physical exertion, it can be walking, jogging, relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, deep breathing exercises, etc. Any kind of exercise will have a positive impact on your sleep quality and you can easily fall asleep and stay asleep.

Make your Bedroom More Welcoming

A cozy and comfy bedroom environment plays a major role in enhancing your sleep. While considering the bedroom, bedding plays a vital role. Experts from Wakefit suggest choosing a comfortable memory foam mattress that is medium-firm and contours to your body aligning your spine correctly while sleeping.  These mattresses also regulate the temperature according to your body temperature.  Choose the best soft and smooth pillow to cuddle, combined with attractive designer bedsheets and duvets are essential in inducing good night’s sleep However remember to choose natural cotton fabrics for your bedding irrespective of the size, design, and type of your bed. The sleeping requirements may vary from person to person, but make sure to discuss with your partner and choose an appropriate mattress from a wide range of options available.

Switch off all the Electronic Gadgets before Bedtime

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and television will emit blue light that makes your brain stay alert and distract from getting sleep. All these gadgets shall be turned off and kept away from your reach to make you fall asleep faster. If possible indulge in reading a book or listening to music that can calm you down before bedtime.

Scribble into a Journal

All your anxieties and lingering thoughts are the main culprits to miss out on your sleep. Keep some ‘myself’ time and scribble all your worries in a journal until nothing is left behind in your brain. Talk to yourself find the answers to all your questions that make you worried before going to bed. This practice will make it easy for you to fall asleep when you find that nothing has gone unanswered.

The entire blog will throw some light on the effective tactics that can help you break the exhausting cycle of sleep deprivation. However, nothing can be as great as sleeping on a king size mattress, be wise to choose the right one that can fulfil your needs.

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