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Washing machines can be your best laundry buddies as they are efficient and wash your clothes with ease. But, selecting the right machine will help you make your washing and drying chores much easier and suit your household better too. Whatever your choice, now you do not have to worry about over-exceeding your budget, as you can shop for the best washing machines on easy EMIs from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. What we probably do, we see the buyers trend, what exactly people are looking for, what exactly features people want, and try to come with best possible featured products. I’m sure you people will like our choice of best washing machines.

Select a partner store of your choice from over 60,000 online and offline merchants spread across 13,00+ Indian cities and buy a washing machine, whether it is a top-load model or a front-load variant, that caters to all your needs. You can shop for any washing machine on easy EMIs that will keep your festive budget on track. Simply complete the purchase using your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card or enjoy instant financing in-store when you visit a partner seller. What’s more, you can also enjoy attractive festive discounts and offers when you shop on the EMI Network this Dussehra!

Here’s a list of the washing machines you can buy on EMIs starting at Rs.899

Samsung WA65M4020HP

This 6.5 kg fully automatic top loading washing machine from Samsung works using the ActivWash+ technology. Enabled with this distinctive feature, the machine sprays water faster through a high-pressure stream on your clothes during the washing and rinsing process to remove all the stains completely in one wash. This apart, this washing machine has a separate sink where you can wash delicate clothes by hand and pre-treat heavily soiled clothes before starting the normal wash and dry cycle. This Samsung model is also capable of monitoring water selection in every wash. It automatically adjusts the wash cycle based on the number of clothes you put in the tub to make using it more convenient. Also fitted with a stainless steel pulsator, the washing performance is enhanced with a hygienic clean ritual, so you don’t need to worry about germs.


This 6kg fully automatic front load LG model is built with LG Inverter Direct Drive. This mechanism lowers your electricity consumption, reduces noise, and gives you improved performance in every use. Adding to this is the 6motion DD technology that activates different washing techniques for different fabrics based on their type and make. This motion wash is highly scientific and balances the pressure on your clothes too. As an added feature, this LG washing machine is equipped with a smart diagnosis feature, which helps in faster resolution of problems encountered by the machine. Just call the technician and leave the phone on top of the machine. The washing machine sensors will then automatically report the problem to the technician on call!

Bosch WOE704W0IN

This 7 kg fully automatic Bosch top loading washing machine is powered by the ActiveWater technology. Owing to this mechanism, this model minimises the usage of water in every wash and keeps it within check based on the number of clothes you want to wash. Minimising vibration and noise, it completes its laundry chore on low electricity and delays the wash cycle when paused in between the wash thanks to its PowerWave Wash System. This model allows you to time your washing cycles on a 24-hour delay. Also, it efficiently speeds up the cycle offering you fast and flawless performance with efficient energy usage. Switch to the AllergyPlus mode when you want to remove allergens from the detergent and make your clothes skin-friendly in every wash. Moreover, the superior Magic Filter of this model is capable of trapping lint and fluff from your dirty clothes, be it a towel or a velvet dress, unlike any other!

IFB Elite Plus SX

Courtesy of the advanced O2 and cradle wash technology, this 7.5 kg fully automatic front loading washing machine from IFB guarantees precision in every wash. This machine washes your clothes using air bubbles that go deeper into the fabric to pull out dirt. It simplifies washing for you as it auto chooses the washing mode depending on the fabric and other features of the clothes you add to it. Moreover, its 4D wash technology pours in a speedy jet of water on your clothes to motion clean them and remove unnecessary detergent in the process. Suitable for delicate washing and hygiene cleaning, this model is highly economical both from the price and electricity consumption perspective.

Whirlpool Supreme Care 8014

This Whirlpool washing machine is a highly efficient 8 kg fully automatic front load model. Fitted with Infinite Care Drum and Curved Lifters, this washing machine takes special care of all your delicate clothes during the washing process and stops them from getting tangled and spoilt during the spinning phase. This drum works also performs its functions basis the patented 6th Sense SoftMove technology, wherein it adjusts wash time and water force for each cycle. High on usability, the model comes with sleek panels and smart display and is highly energy-efficient too.

Based on all these smart features, you can bring home a washing machine on EMI that best suits your pocket and your needs by shopping on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. To make shopping easier and faster, enter your basic details to check your pre-approved offer. This will give you a ready loan amount that you can use to shop for washing machines as well as other gadgets and electronics this Dussehra and get your home ready for the festive season!

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