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When it comes to packaging, businesses do their best to find materials that are reliable, secure, and wear and tear-resistant. Generally, cardboard boxes are used for delivering products securely to recipients, but what if you are dealing with small, lightweight items? Are you going to waste money on large boxes and increased shipping costs? No, this is where you use bubble mailers – like the ones from The Boxery.


Bubble mailers, or padded mailers, are envelopes with padding on the interior to protect fragile items and safely deliver them to your customer. They are a popular shipping choice and are available in multiple types. But how do you know which type is ideal for your product? This article has reviewed different types of bubble mailers to help you find the best fit for your products.


Why Choose Bubble Mailers

Aside from the small size, bubble mailers offer increased protection for fragile items. Let’s say you pack your jewelry in a normal paper package without padding; there’s a high chance of it being damaged beyond repair before it reaches your customers.


Padded mailers offer a foolproof way to transport and deliver small, fragile items without worry. They are also easy to use and have fewer freight charges due to their small size and dimensions.


Types Of Bubble Mailers

Paper Bubble Mailers

If you are looking for a lightweight, recyclable option, go for paper bubble mailers or kraft paper mailers. They are environmentally friendly and help businesses reduce their carbon footprint. However, paper mailers are available in different types, varying in their functionalities.


For example, a simple paper bubble mailer is ideal for lightweight items like jewelry and stationery. On the other hand, a paper mailer with bubble wrap or protective padding is useful for hardware, USB, electronics, etc.


These bubble mailers have some drawbacks – they aren’t durable, can easily tear under increased weight, and don’t offer optimal protection.


Poly Bubble Mailers

Poly bubble mailers have a plastic interior and exterior and are non-recyclable. Despite this disadvantage, they are highly recommended due to their durability and optimal protection from external environments. They are available in multiple sizes and have self-sealing options as well.


However, they are susceptible to heat and have a complex manufacturing process. Moreover, they are not eco-friendly, but if your product can get damaged by elements like moisture or water, this is what you need.


Metallic Bubble Mailers

Metallic bubble mailers are the best choice for businesses that solely deal with small, lightweight, fragile items. They are made from metallic foil, which adds a luxurious look to your packaging and improves your brand image. It also offers superior protection to the contents inside and saves them from the external environment. However, they are pricier than other types and non-recyclable.



As you can see, each bubble mailer has its unique characteristics. Therefore, when choosing a bubble mailer for your business, focus on the protection level, environmental impact, and budget. Choosing the right bubble mailer type will ensure safe package delivery, lower shipping costs, and a better customer experience.

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