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The generator is the most common appliance used to support the electrical equipment or devices during electricity failure or power outages.


The function of a generator is to supply emergency backup power using an electric generator. The generator is the main of supplying off-grid electricity.


How Does Electric Generator System Works?


The function of the electric generator is to support another generator for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. It runs the entire system of the generator by the control panel. This control panel refers to the generator controller to control and maintain the entire system run.


The purpose of building an electric generator is to make electricity by obtaining input (external sources including diesel, gas, propane). Further, electricity can generate from renewable energy (external sources including wind turbines, solar-powered turbines, water turbines). Electric generators contain a motor that helps in generating electricity and then supply to the electronic appliance and equipment.


Parts of Electric Generator:


The electrical generator contains two parts:

  • Spinning Magnet
  • Coil of Copper Wire


The magnetic field gets cut that exists between the two poles of the magnet during coil rotating.


The Efficiency of Renewable Energy:


Renewable energy such as solar turbines, water turbines, wind turbines, coal etc is the money-saving external source. These external sources are available everywhere, but it requires an electrical generator to generate electricity from them.


Renewable energy refers to the money-saving energy that uses the most to generate electricity for supporting the electronic appliance in the absence of main grid electricity.



System Connection for Building Electric Generator:


The renewable system refers to integrated technology. It helps in making electricity using  the latest technology and external sources (mechanical energy) to supply power.


The wind turbine generator is an example of integrated technology. Wind turbines attach to an electric generator to produce electricity,


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