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The best part of owning a hair blow dryer is that not only does it dry your hair, but it also allows you to try new hairdos. It enables you to look your best with gorgeous hair everywhere you go.But buying one? That could be tricky. It’s not like you can just order anything that looks good in an online catalogue. 

In the older days, finding and picking a hair blow dryer was simple: go to the nearest store and choose one from the available collection.Now, the process has become confusing,as there are many inscrutable terminologies describing the hair blower.

To understand and not get overwhelmed while finding the best hair blow dryer, familiarize yourself with these commonly used buzzwords:


  • Wattage


The wind power of the hair blow dryer getsmeasured in watts.With a higher watt count, the hair blower will be more powerful.It cuts the time needed to dry hair. If you have thick hair, this is an essential factor to consider while purchasing ablow dryer.


  • Ionizing


The question that will arise in your mind would be- what does ionizing have to do with hair blow dryers? 

Well, actuallyeverything depends on it. Washed hair has tons of water molecules, the atoms of which get positively charged. Blow dryers with ionization give the stream of created wind a stream of negative charge. It makes the wind stream more efficient at its job of dryinghair.


  • Ceramics Heating 


It indicates that the heater components of the hair blow dryer encompass of ceramic instead of metal or plastic. The advantage that it provides is that ceramics can take in heat and dissipate that heat evenly. And, it can maintain the same performance throughout the lifetime of the hair blower.


  • Tourmaline


It is a common word for hair blow dryers, both in local stores and high-end shops. But the question is – what is it, and what does it do? 

Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone that is part of the internal compounds of the hair blower. This mineral compound carries out the ionization process effectively.

Although, if you opt for a hair blow dryer made of tourmaline, ensure that it comprises of tourmaline technology and not just the coating.Otherwise, the coating will fade over time and not protect your hair for long.


  • Brushless Motor


This technology is relatively new and therefore is a lesser-known term. Most hair dryers have carbon brushes that wear out gradually, causing the motor to stop working. In contrast, brushless motors use magnets and electronics to drive the motor, extending the life of the hair blow dryer.


  • Nozzle Attachment


The best hair blow dryers come with a nozzle attachment. It is beneficial while straightening your hair with the hair blower. The focused heating promotes faster dry time and smoother frizz-free hair. It is an excellent attachment to have for experimenting with new hairstyles and looks.


  • Finger Diffuser


The entire purpose of this attachment is to aid the styling of curly hair. You can place it on your scalp and move it around in a circular motion until your hair is dry. Doing this will distribute heat evenly all over the head and give you shiny hair. Define your curls and prevent frizzy hair with a finger diffuser.


  • Comb-pick Attachment


Like the nozzle attachment, this attachment is different because it has a comb built into it instead of a nozzle.It is viable for hairstyling,and you can use the attachment to ‘pick up the hair’ and create volume.

Choose the Best after Knowing all the Hair Dryer Buzzwords

With an immense knowledge of hair dryer terms, it will help you buya hair blowerthat’s right for you. You can always choose luxury brands like Vega, whose products will tick all the boxes on your list. They offer a wide range of hair blow dryers. Explore the numerous options on their website and make your purchase today!

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