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Abu Dhabi is the safest and best business marketplace in the world. Living as a citizen or expatriate here with family probably you need to buy or sell second-hand items. If you have a limited budget and looking to buy used furniture in Abu Dhabi then contact any nearby store like Najm Al Roken and check with them.

You can buy and sell the below items:

  • Used bed with side tables
  • Second-hand cupboard
  • Single sofa and 3 seater
  • Coffee and dining table
  • Chairs
  • Dressing table
  • Office used furniture
  • Home appliances

You can buy and sell the above-listed furniture and other household items. In the buying process if you are looking to buy used furniture just contact the nearby used furniture store and ask for the available items.

They will send you a shop location to visit and check if you like the items and fit to your interior design. You can final on Whatsapp to check photos and they will deliver packed items to your house. If you need to fit the furniture and appliances in your home just inform the supervisor to send carpenters along with the furniture.

And for selling take photos of the furniture and appliances and send them to the used furniture store they will give you an estimated price based on the quality of the items. If you agree with the offer then the supervisor will come to your place and he will check if the items are not much damaged.

They will dismantle the items after paying the amount to you. The team will load the furniture in the vehicle at your fixed time.

How to sell used furniture on higher price?

You can sell second-hand household items on good prices if you follow the instructions. Make sure to capture original condition photos of your items before contact any used furniture buyers. Proper and original condition means to take photos of the reality because if your items are in good condition and the photos and videos you sent to the buyer is not properly captured.

Maybe you will get lower price as according to the photos of your items. Also if your items are in bad condition and you send old video and photos to the buyer they will leave the items after agreement on a phone call. Once supervisor visit and check the items.

Contact minimum of 3 buyers and get estimated offers and if you find someone according to your expectation then feel free to sell to them.

Hotel and office used furniture

Najm Al Roken used furniture Abu Dhabi buy and sell all kinds of hotels second hand items like coffee tables, dining tables, showcases, reception furniture, chillers, refrigerators, coffee makers, cooking ranges, etc.

If you want to sell these items directly contact the supervisor and he will visit to your hotel and pay the amount. Or if you are looking to buy good condition of used furniture for your hotel you can get in the store which is located in M-40, Abu Dhabi.

Office furniture buy and sell service like chair, work stations, manager chair, meeting table, reception furniture, manager table. If you have office in Abu Dhabi and want to change your interior design then Najm Al Roken can help with that.

You can sell your old furniture in this store on higher price and also if you want second hand good quality furniture they can give you on affordable prices. Because the branded new office furniture is very expensive in UAE. Feel free to contact and supervisor will visit your place to deal with you.

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