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Gucci Sandals

If you are looking to buy branded sandals in cheap prices then this article is just for you. Clothes Mentor is now opened in Fayetteville NC and you can get the best deal if you visit the store. Gucci is A luxury fashion house based in Florence, Italy. Its product lines include handbags, footwear, ready-to-wear, accessories and many more.


Discussing about history it was first launched in 1921 by Guccio Gucci because of the sir’s name of the owner this brand named as Gucci.


Gucci is also known for its strong brand image that focuses on it high-class and quality, sophistication and innovation. As a leader, its grab the attention of costumers and successfully appeal to its costumer status, image, prestige and class. Total revenue of Gucci is 8.7 billion Euros. You can buy variety of footwear from Clothes Mentor like:


Talking about categories of footwear in Gucci we have

  • Sandals
  • Sneakers
  • Ballet flat
  • Loafer
  • Court shoe
  • Flip-flops
  • High-heeled shoe
  • Wedge sandal
  • Mule and many more in ware house.

Gucci sandals are the open type of footwear of different kinds with several classy and beautiful design, shape and colors.


Sandals typically run to the sizes of ½ small size depending on design/style. Typically run true to size with the biggest size up to 1/5 size.

Can get wet?

Gucci sandals can also get wet because of its thin leather soles, make them to soak pretty quickly and may not good in wet area. Even British shoes fail with too much exposure to water and salt so you cannot say Gucci sandal is not a super foot wear that will not get worn down.


Sandals price range from $240 for the permanent collection Gucci black with Pursuit web slides and up to $1200 for the new season GG Supreme print slides. Some styles are given fall in- between to give you more variety and some for styles.

Considering different styles of sandals with their prices on Gucci brand you can have,

  • Sandals with all mini–Double G started from $560-$1100
  • Sandals GG matelassé canvas slide from $680-$950
  • Sandals with chain shaped heels price up to $950
  • Women thong sandals with chain mainly cost $850 equally for all styles
  • Women sandals with wedge high heel started from $950-$1100

Expensive products:

Despites all the benefits some might consider Gucci sandals to be expensive. However, you can get them in cheap prices if you visit Clothes Mentor Fayetteville NC. You see, the reason why they are so valuable is because most can’t afford them. If the flex, novel, quality factors aren’t enough to overcome the prices, you’re better off going with other brands like Nike or Benghazi sandals.


If you demand abundant social value and tons of attention, go with the Gucci. Most Gucci products are of high quality and that quality is worth but important thing to know is that accurate fitting and sizing of your sandals on your feet’s is very important.

Trending brand:

Gucci sandals are trending due to their comfortable shoe leather and sole. Gucci slides, straps, wedges and heel sandals are basically the hottest thing you can walk on that you must had one pair in your wardrobe.

It is almost unbelievable to find a pair of Gucci on sale on boutique but you can buy it in cheap prices if you visit the store.

Best product providence:

As, we believe in best quality of product with best quantity where you can get any kind of clothes ware, bags, foot ware, accessories for women of all ages of all colors and designs.

Let us help you to find best product for your beauty and wardrobe within many new arrivals on your doorstep. Let us, give this opportunity to find best product for you without any time wastage.

Selling your own product:

You can also bring your products to us and sell them on the spot in the exchange of cash. Looking out to today’s life style that is busy for every person so we have a solution to this problem sell your product to us and money instantly. This make selling easier than ever. If you no longer need the cloth or any footwear you can sell at the store.

Order through Clothes Mentor:

Several of our products are available online and at our local independently Clothe Mentor stores. Clothe Mentor team do their best to accurately describe, present and photograph the product, and provide account for the unique inventory. You can easily go through the product and can find the best for you.

Let us help you to find the best product which matches your style and desires. There are thousands or more fabulous and best quality products waiting for your wardrobe. Matching your fashion sense latest and cool designs are created for all kinds of product weather bags, footwear, clothes ware, accessories or other products.

We take care of our costumer deal and requirements within a valuable price available for North Carolina Fayetteville costumers with a convenience of home delivery on your doorstep.

Brands we sell:

We like to sell products of different brands like Ann Taylor, anthropology, Athleta, avenue, banana republic, Calvin Klein, express, fisher, Kors, north face, Vince Camuto, talbots, lane Bryant, Gucci, J. Crew, loft, limited, Michael, white house black, Fendi, free people, Dooney and Bourke, charming Charlie, channel, Betsey Johson, Henri Bendel, guess, Lacoste, Lia Sophia, Zara and many more varieties of brands are available on our store and website for our customers.

Store information:

If you like to visit our store then visit us in FAYETTEVILLE 399 Westwood Shopping Center Fayetteville, North Carolina.


From Monday to Saturday (10am-6pm), on Sunday (12pm-5pm)

Social media platforms:

Also, visit our pages for any kind of query and help our team is available for you 24/7.



So, I suggest you to order online for the special discount and enhance your beauty by Gucci latest season sandals of all styles, designs and colors.

You can also find different branded sandals if you visit the store. Visit. Now


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