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Why do You Need the Safety Glasses?

Many industries today have adapted to the use of lasers to accomplish all or some of their operations. The technology has revolutionized several industries including manufacturing. It helps to provide precise and efficient ways to cut, engrave, and analyze materials. However, the high intensity and centered energy of the lasers pose numerous risks to both our eyes and skin. Left unprotected, one can end up blind due to continuous exposure to the lasers. 

That is why along with providing the technology for laser engraving, Snapmaker has made it possible to obtain safety glasses for laser under the same roof. Visit and get yours today. 

What are Laser Safety Glasses?

These are glasses designed to protect the eyes from harmful laser radiation by absorbing or reflecting specific wavelengths of light. Safety glasses for lasers are very crucial to anyone who operates laser machines or is exposed to them. Typically they are made of a material called polycarbonate, a durable plastic that can withstand impact and offers optical clarity. 

Laser safety glasses are not found in one form only. The market offers a variety of them with each designed to protect against specific laser wavelengths and power levels. Due to the several types of glasses, it can be confusing to choose the right one for you. At Snapmaker, you will find amazing, durable, and comfortable laser glasses. 

Why Buy Laser Safety Glasses from Snapmaker?

There are three main reasons for making Snapmaker laser glasses to be your top choice. They offer professional protection, are durable, and offer comfortability. The laser safety glasses are customized specifically for laser engraving and cutting. They are equipped with OD6+ professional protection which prevents your eyes from harm. 

The optical density of OD6+ means it provides professional protection against UV, purple, blue, green, and infrared lasers. The lenses are synthesized with polycarbonate material which makes them firm and durable. The glasses are built for comfort and better yet, they come with side protection.

Snapmaker laser glasses are certified as per EN 207:2017, and provide sufficient protection while you use the Snapmaker products. Remember, if you don’t exercise caution when handling laser machines such as 1.6W or 10W offered by Snapmaker, it might lead to grave consequences, such as vision impairment. 

How do Laser Safety Glasses Work?

  1. Wavelength

Laser safety glasses are designed to offer protection against light of specific wavelengths. The lenses are labeled with a range of wavelengths, in nanometers, they protect against along with their specific optical density. 

  1. Optical density specifications

These are commonly referred to as laser filters since they filter light. It is crucial to note that just because a laser beam is invisible, it doesn’t mean it is incapable of causing serious harm and darker laser glasses do not mean they offer better protection compared to others. So, the laser filters protect against invisible laser radiation while the OD of a laser filter shows the amount of light blocked at a specific wavelength. 

  1. Visible light transmission

This is the amount of visible light passing through the lens and is marked as a percentage. There are glass lenses and plastic lenses. Glass lenses usually have a higher visible light transmission than plastic. Plastic lenses are thinner, lighter, and easier to produce. 


 Laser engraver glasses are essential for your safety as an operator and for those working in your environment. They protect the eyes from harmful laser radiation and prevent serious injuries. Get yours from today and ensure your safety with Snapmaker laser safety goggles.

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