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Do you want to purchase a condo in Toronto? It is a great wish but the problem is that when people try to buy a condo they concentrate on the price and kind of forget about the amenities it comes with. Price is an important factor so are the amenities that you will require. Always keep in mind that spending a large amount of money should not go in vain and you should have knowledge of what you are getting with it.

Here are Five Amenities you can consider while buying a condo in Toronto:

The Location Matters:

A place like Toronto has more than 100 neighborhoods making it a complex area to choose from where you would want to live in and invest. You have to keep in mind that choosing the right location will help you have a greater resale value if you wish to sell it. It is equally important to choose a location that has all the important amenities such as easy access to grocery shops, a good transit system, schools, and other amenities. You can check Toronto’s Neighborhood explorer or school finder to have an idea about things.

Learn your Condo Amenities:

When buying a condo, take a good look at the amenities it has. Some condos have exciting to really weird and expensive amenities. Amenities include private jets, feng shui consultants, but you should consider what amenity is important to you. It should be noted that when you buy a condo you will also pay for the amenities that come with it. For example, if you like swimming search for a swimming pool, if you are into fitness a lot search for a gym in a condo. This is how it works.

Get a Parking Area:

While some condos offer parking spaces, some do not. If you own a car you will probably need a parking space and even if you do not own one, consider taking a parking space because they are a good investment as the resale value is better and higher when you sell it. That is one reason you should choose a condo that has a parking space.

Evaluate the Condo Fees:

It is true that when you buy a condo, you agree to pay a condo fee which is also known as the homeowners association fees. A variety of things fall in this category of fees such as insurance, landscaping, maintenance and repair, amenities, etc. Do condo researches to better evaluate and understand how much condo fees you have to pay and are even healthy on your budget.

Search for a Good Developer:

Finding out about the track record of the condo developer is a must. Make sure the track record is good and you can easily find it via government websites, Google searches. You will understand if the developer is good or not as they will have some happy residents who will prefer their condo developer to you. Sam Mizrahi founder and president of Canadian real estate development firm named as Mizrahi Developments  in Toronto that specializes in building high-end, custom residences aims is to provide quality condo that people can be proud to call home.

Make sure you read all the tips and amenities before buying a condo.

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