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The best telehandler is the one that handles your company’s needs efficiently. However, buying a new one requires a huge financial investment. That’s why most people prefer purchasing used telehandlers.

There are several factors to consider when sourcing a used telehandler for sale near me. First, it is important to take your time to review your needs and the condition of the telehandler to receive an efficient, cost-effective machine.

Here are some features to look for in a used telehandler for sale near me.

1. The Machine’s Mechanical Systems

A mechanical inspection is a vital part of buying a used telehandler. Mechanical systems require expensive repairs, so you must take your time to do this inspection thoroughly. You may face major repair expenses because of buying a faulty used telehandler.

Look for leaks in the engine. Evidence of leaks shows poor maintenance of the machine. Check seals, gaskets, and valves for damage or cracks, and check the ground for visible fluid pools. Also, assess the hydraulic system for leakages and run the machine to identify strange noises as it operates.

In addition, review the hour meter to ensure it’s working efficiently and is properly sealed. Also, look for signs of tampering and note the usage shown on the meter. Finally, you should not ignore the steering and braking system. Check that they are functioning properly by running the brakes and steering the machine to check the steering’s responsiveness. Here, check that the engine and brake fluids are in good condition. Inspect them thoroughly and evaluate their need for replacement.

2. The Structural Systems

Once you are satisfied with the mechanical systems of the used telehandler for sale near me, evaluate the structural systems. This evaluation requires a keen eye since structural damage may not be as obvious as mechanical damage at first glance. Here are a few things to check.

The mast

Check for cracks and damage on the machine’s mast, boom, chassis, and frame. If either part is damaged, the machine cannot run effectively, increasing its likelihood of breaking down. Also, engage the mast and boom through their standard function to check if they work well without binding or shuttering during retraction. If any of their metal is bent, that is a sign of damage. Also, consider the mast capacity and mast type you prefer. For instance, you can choose a standard upright or duplex upright mast type, a mast height of between 19 and 56 feet, and a mast capacity of 1500 lb, depending on your needs.


Before buying a used telehandler for sale near me, check the kind of attachments the owner was using. If the machine has incompatible attachments that are too big or small and don’t fit, the machine has experienced wear that led to major repairs. In addition, incompatible attachments place extra stress on the telehandler, and it is important to avoid machines that have been used for a long time with wrong attachments.

Structural repairs

Although a previous owner may share information about repairs on the boom structure, it is important to double-check to ensure they didn’t downplay the repairs. Repairs on the boom show compromise on the machine’s integrity, impeding its ability to lift heavier loads.


A comprehensive system assessment of the used telehandler for sale near me will protect you from buying a machine in poor condition. It is important to avoid buying machines that have visible signs of major repairs and severe damage.


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