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Oil and Gas Industry: Industrial Analysis

Oil and gas market industry is one of the booming sectors.The valve industry shares a large chunk of clients in it owing to their requirement for transportation& distribution as well as down stream refining activities. Based on research, worldwide demand for industrial valves will reach $98.5 billion by 2019, climbing 4.3 percent each year. Despite of the changes In macro-economic environment and increasing shift towards renewable energy, the demand for crude oil remains to be the main energy resources currently. In addition, government entities have launched new policies in boosting the downstream sectors, which creates a higher demands for valves.

Camtech Manufacturing: Success story in Valve Manufacturing

CamtechDespite of the strong competition for valve market, Camtech Manufacturing with 20 years of experiences has evolved and gained its reputation as one of the pioneering specialists in the valve industry. Growing at a rapid pace with the increased number of clients, Camtech Manufacturing has a wide spectrum of  valves to offer. Having the international  industrial accreditation’s such as API6D, APIQ1, API 600, ISO 9001,ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, CE, ATEX, SIL 3, TR-CU for Russian Markets, Camtech Manufacturing has set itself at par with the international requirements. The manufacturing facility is capable to cover the entire requirement of manufacturing process for valves. Quality enrichment and client relations have been the primary focus along with focusing its eyes on the increasing need for a sustainable and inclusive growth in the industry. The factory location situated in Jebel Ali Freezone Dubai UAE, being close to most OPEC countries geographically, it gives the competitive advantage for delivery and  speedy support. The firm is motivated to sell not just valves but also the customer experiences.


So, who is the invisible hand behind such a successful corporation?

Dhananjay Choudhary, a pioneer in his field of oil and gas industry, with an immense experience of over 28 years in this field, has used his learnings and corporate exposure to establish Camtech Manufacturing. Owing to his experience in the biggest corporate honchos like Reliance Group, Tata Group, L&T, he has amassed his skills and networking to gain a breakthrough in his career.

His knowledge spanning across the various domains like developing relations with clients, customer retention, technical knowledge and excellent marketing skills have given him an edge over his competitors. Hailing from India, he has reached unsurmountable success due to his technical and managerial skills that include, but are not restricted to capital budgeting, financing and developing the demand for his product in the market. In addition, he has great bent of mind in strategizing and planning, as well as extreme desire for creating more employment and to bring positive contribution back to  the society. A true champion in his domain.

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