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No, it is not possible in a short duration of time as there are so many procedures to follow. The basic motive of a passport is to reduce the crime rate in the nation and other traveling places. Also, these passports are the place where visa stamping is done.

The points in a passport are

  •   Age
  •   Sex
  •   Date of birth
  •   Photo
  •   Place of birth

When all the pieces of information provided are correct. Every other passport is unique in every aspect. The similarity among all the passports are the color and format, the certain country passport has the chip that has all the essential information.

Is there any specific procedure to be followed? 

The only procedure is proper documentation is required. To process this documentation we reach the office. The necessary documentation for each category is shortlisted in the website clearly. There are simple to complex procedures according to the documents. It is not true that as soon as documents are produced the passport is accepted.

At times of mismatch on the details produced intend to retain the passport. The common reasons for cancellation or retaining of the passport are damaged in the passport

  •   Any extraordinary debts.
  •   Outstanding child support debt over.
  •   Longstanding pending loans for auction assistance.
  •   Any sort of federal arrest warrants.
  •   Any court order which denies the right to leave the country for any reason.
  •   If the felon is showing any sort of pending trial and the Department thinks the felon may be a “flight risk”.
  •   If the State Department feels the felon may show the crime rate

These passports are required in marine traveling too. The travel may be in any form, but justification is only through a simple book that is the passport to move on the flight or ship. There are countries which give toughness in accepting the passports. While countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Albania, Mexico, Japan, Thailand, and most countries in the EU does not require a passport to enter and travel in the country.

Our site provides the exact information and updated requirements to process.

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