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Natural tooth loss may significantly impact one’s self-confidence and ability to eat and speak comfortably. Fortunately, advances in dental technology have made dentures a popular and practical choice for restoring a natural-looking smile. Dentures in Pitt Meadows are custom-made dental prostheses that can be tailored to appear and function like your natural teeth. 

What are Dentures? 

Dentures are removable dental appliances that restore missing teeth and tissues. They are created with prosthetic teeth fitted onto a supporting foundation, often composed of acrylic resin or metal. Full dentures (replacing a complete arch of teeth) or partial dentures (replacing a few lost teeth) are available. Dentures are designed to restore oral function, improve communication, and enhance the aesthetics of your smile.

Types of Dentures

Complete: These are used when all teeth in the upper or lower arch are missing. Complete dentures are built of a flesh-coloured acrylic base that holds a set of artificial teeth.

Partial: When natural teeth remain in the mouth, these are utilized. Partial dentures are made of artificial teeth attached to a metal or acrylic framework meant to blend in with the remaining teeth.

Immediate: These dentures are inserted shortly after tooth extraction, allowing patients to have teeth immediately. Modifications may be required to ensure an appropriate fit as the gums recover and shrink.

Implant-Supported: These dentures are held in place by dental implants surgically implanted into the jawbone. Implant-supported dentures provide additional stability, biting force, and a more natural feel.

Creating Natural-Looking Dentures

Dental professionals understand the importance of creating dentures that resemble your natural teeth. Here’s how they achieve this:

Detailed Impressions

Precise imprints of your mouth are taken to capture the shape and curves of your gums. It guarantees an accurate and comfortable fit for the denture base.

Customized Tooth Selection

Our dentist in Pitt Meadows or prosthodontist will collaborate with you to pick artificial teeth that are the same size, shape, and colour as your natural teeth. They will examine tooth colour translucency and surface texture to achieve a natural appearance.

Individualized Tooth Positioning

The prosthetic teeth are placed to resemble the alignment and spacing of your natural teeth closely. It aids in the creation of a balanced and natural smile.

Colour Matching

The denture base colour is carefully tailored to the colour of your gums, enabling a flawless integration between the denture and your oral tissues.

Shape and Texture Replication

Dental experts take special care to replicate the unique features of your natural teeth, including surface texture and anatomical shapes. This attention to detail aids in creating dentures that closely mimic your natural teeth.

Trial and Adjustments

After the initial set of dentures is made, you will have a trial fitting to check their appearance and fit. Adjustments can be made to ensure that the dentures fit seamlessly with your facial characteristics and give maximum comfort.

Patient Input

Your input is essential throughout the process. Inform our Pitt Meadows dentist of your preferences, concerns, and expectations. You can assist with obtaining the most natural-looking dentures that match your requirements by actively engaging in decision-making.

It is essential to remember that a precise match between dentures and natural teeth may not be achievable in some circumstances. Natural teeth might differ in colour, wear, and other features that artificial teeth may not be able to replicate entirely. Dentures that closely match real teeth and produce a natural-looking smile are now possible because of developments in dental technology and the skill of dental experts.

Benefits of Dentures

  • Improved Appearance: Dentures maintain the face’s natural contours, minimizing drooping and sunken appearances when teeth are missing.
  • Enhanced Speech: Speech clarity might be impacted due to missing teeth. Dentures support the lips and tongue, which improves speech patterns and articulation.
  • Restored Chewing Ability: Dentures restore a person’s ability to chew and eat various foods, increasing digestion and overall nutrition.
  • Boosted Self-Confidence: Dentures provide a complete smile, boosting self-esteem and confidence in social interactions.

You can make an informed decision about the best tooth replacement solution if you understand the different types of dentures, their benefits, requirements for upkeep, and other options. Regular dental checkups and maintenance can help preserve the lifetime and comfort of your dentures, allowing you to enjoy a confident smile and a fulfilling life.

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