Fri. Apr 12th, 2024
Sanitary Napkin Disposal

The fact is that menstruation is a natural process that takes place in girls once they reach of puberty age and is experienced periodically. But this particular stage of life can also be quite uncomfortable and dreadful for women all over the world as they have to face many social, cultural and religious restrictions. Also, they are not allowed to discuss this topic in public at any point in time. Menstruation in developing and underdeveloped countries has only forced young girls to simply drop out of their school, getting them exposed to reproductive diseases. Several non-governmental and governmental agencies have made the efforts to carry the message of using sanitary napkins and teaching them the ways to dispose of these wastes safely and correctly.

Age old practices

Even now, many girls can be found to follow unhygienic methods like using leaves with mud or old rags during the monthly cycles, which actually prevented their easy movement and thus causing them to drop out of schools while exposing them towards risks of contracting reproductive diseases. Moreover, throwing it near ponds, lakes, rivers or hiding it under the soil also causes environmental hazards. The need of the day is following correct menstrual hygiene and safe disposal practices. There is being introduced Sanitary Napkin Disposal machines everywhere. But when disposing of them is concerned, adequate measures are yet to be taken. Till then, the environment is exposed to this form of waste.

Proper and correct Sanitary Napkin Disposal

Fortunately, there has been developed eco-friendly, affordable and simple to use the machine which allows women to burn the used napkins, without much trouble or effort. There are several such machines introduced in the market available for rural and urban women. Such machines ensure that that the wastes full of impurities are burnt and destroyed effectively and the toxic gases do not get released in the environment.

These machines are very much beneficial for women living in the rural-side since unlike that of urban locations, no efficient garbage movement system exists in rural places. In almost all cities and towns, garbage is collected on a daily basis from each and every household to be transported to the nearest landfill. Thus, it becomes much easier for city women to dispose of their used napkins. Since there is not much open space in the city, females can find it difficult to find out a place to burn or hide the used ones, due to social several problems. Hence, it is these destroyers or incinerators as they are popularly called make women’s life much easier to use and Sanitary Napkin Burner as and when required.

According to health and environment experts, burning the used pads within the incinerators is definitely the best thing to do. It has been designed to be acceptable among rural and urban women and using it does not require any special knowledge or skills. It is also easier to operate and also completely safe to be used. With some research, it is possible to know the different types of incinerators available in the market.

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