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Do you want to live the of a millionaire CEO and feel the pain of a broken lover? Most of us will not believe that living two lives is possible only in movies and books. Well, we are also talking about books here. A well-written book will allow you to live many lives and situations and enjoy their perspective so near that you will sometimes confuse the reality and reader world. It might sound terrifying to some extent, but once you start living in the pages, then there is no coming back. The only escape from the hectic world is within the rusty pages of a book. That is why introducing a new book to the book lovers community is like a grand opening of a new Sephora store or Disneyland trip. We are here to introduce you to such a masterpiece that you will never be able to forget through the journey of love, inner conflicts, and urge. Please scroll below to get the full details.

About the book

Love comes in different meanings to all of us. For some, love is a form of serenity, and there no physical interaction is necessary. You will find this kind of love is Sufism. The Sufis will wander around and try to find the form of God in every living element and celebrate love in every ceremony. Then there comes a group for whom love is a too earthly thing. It would be best if you had the touch of your lover to get to sleep. Both of the dorms of love is pure and perfect in every sense. Can you be friends with me is a book that will reveal the inner conflicts and psychological aspects that comes when you fall in love? Some problems that pick our mind during the times of fight or the soothing feeling of being so close to someone came out very beautifully in this book. You will understand that love can be so much different than you ever imagined. It does not need to be the perfect Hollywood romance or full of surprises. Sometimes you can love and not tell the other one. Sometimes you will fall in love with someone that will look inappropriate to almost everyone out there. But, since it is love, you have full right to chase it and crave it.

The specialty of can you be friends with me book

You must be thinking there are millions of novels out there defining love and relationship each day. But can you be friends with me is different? The book is other because it doesn’t only focus on the love relationship between two lovers. Instead of that, can you be friends with me expresses the most profound feeling with yourself? The fight you have to overcome the fear of losing and helping the other is love. Because, when you love, you will help your partner to be everything that you could not be in your life. The book will make you understand that love is not the end of the journey or the solution to every problem. Instead, love is the path you need to walk through to get all the equations right at the end of the journey.


Writer Cheng Cher Hong is famous for his young adult romance novels. This time, he came with a bang that focuses on a passionate lover and a teenager’s philosophy and psychology. You will get the book on Amazon for about twenty-three dollars, excluding the shipping charge. If you are lucky enough, then you may get an autographed copy as well.


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