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Holy Kaabah is the sacred structure, also referred to as ‘the House of Allah Almighty.’ Present within the premises of Masjid-al-Haram, Holy Kaabah is situated in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. It is in fact the true focal point of the Muslim community residing across the globe and a true centre of the earth. Pilgrims arriving for the holy rituals with their Umrah packages UK not only observe their daily obligatory prayers around it but also circle it while doing the Tawaf ritual.

Surprising facts about Holy Kaabah.

There are many surprising facts associated with Holy Kaabah. Such as;

  1. The height of the Holy Kaabah is approximately 13.1 meters (or 43 feet).
    1. The four walls of Kaabah are nearly 14 meters (or 46 feet) wide.
    2. Each side faces one of the cardinal directions.
  2. Holy Kaabah has been renovated and/or reconstructed multiple times throughout history.
    1. The latest renovation took place during the times of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW).
  3. On the eastern corner of Holy Kaabah i.e., Yemeni corner, The Black Stone (Hajar al-Aswad) is set.
    1. This is a stone that came down from paradise as per the will of Allah Almighty.
    2. Today, it is not present in one single piece but rather in multiple pieces. 
  4. The black covering of Holy Kaabah is known as ‘Kiswah,’ which is replaced annually during Hajj.
    1. It is made from pure silk and threads of gold.
  5. Holy Kaabah only has one door.
    1.  It is made of solid gold.
    2. The door is located slightly above ground level.
  6. The Hatim or Hijr Ismail also remains an official part of the Kaabah’s boundary.
    1. It is a semicircular region adjacent to the Kaaba. 
  7. Holy Kaabah has an unusual magnetic field, with slightly stronger intensity within its walls compared to its surroundings.
    1. No planes fly over this region.
  8. Tawaf around Holy Kaabah never stops.

Tawaf ritual.

Tawaf is the act of circumambulation of the Holy Kaabah for seven rounds in an anti-clockwise direction. Tawaf remains a fundamental rite of the Umrah pilgrimage. 

For Tawaf, certain guidelines are to be followed by the pilgrims in order to make their Tawaf valid. 

Can pilgrims touch Kaabah during Tawaf?

For the pilgrims performing Tawaf, it is not permitted to touch the Kaaba itself. The reasons for it are many;

  • There is no evidence for it in the Shariah.
  • Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) only touched the Black stone which is set in the eastern corner of Kaabah.
  • The walls of Holy Kaabah are perfumed, thus, pilgrims in Ihram cannot touch them. As wearing any sort of scents in Ihram is Haram.
  • If you get into the boundary of Hijr Ismail while performing Tawaf, your Tawaf would become invalid. This is because Hateem (Hijr Ismail) is also a part of Holy Kaabah’s base.

Therefore, people must avoid touching Kaabah unnecessarily out of respect and sanctity of this sacred structure. Also, no religious significance is found associated with touching the Kaabah. Hence, it is usually discouraged for the people to touch Kaabah during tawaf. You can take further guidance from any Travel Agency or any authentic Muslim Scholar.

The only exception in this regard is of Yemeni corner because it is where the Hajar-al-Aswad i.e., the Black stone is set. It is a sunnah act to touch, kiss or point towards it (whatever is feasible). So, pilgrims can only touch this particular corner of Kaabah, and that too only for the purpose of ‘Istilam’ (kissing the black stone).

While it is generally believed that there is no religious significance or reward associated with touching Kaabah during tawaf; it is important to note that Islamic rituals and practices may have variations. So, for proper guidance on this subject, you must consult religious scholars and other knowledgeable individuals and get your answers based on authentic facts and figures. 

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